Spinsanity on the Iraqi Uranium Story

The folks at Spinsanity have an interesting summary of who’s been lying about what with respect to Bush’s State of the Union allegations about Saddam’s efforts to obtain uranium from Africa: Lies, spin and truth in the controversy over Iraq’s alleged pursuit of uranium. They do a good job of cataloging the major falsehoods we’ve heard on this from the Bush administration; they also have a long list of media folks who they believe have gone too far in painting Bush as having intentionally made a false statement in the State of Union address.

Interestingly, my own reaction to this story these days is mainly one of low-level nausea. I’m disgusted with those who persist in extending the Bush administration the benefit of the doubt, but I’m also beginning to have a toxic reaction to my own ongoing bitching about it.

You know what? If you really want to believe in Bush’s essential honesty at this point, and possess sufficient credulity to maintain that belief, more power to you. I’m done arguing. And while I’m unable to share it, I envy you your faith.

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  1. Adam Says:

    I can’t envy anyone’s faith in perhaps the most venal, destructive, mendacious administration in American history.

    I’m getting tired of the “debate” too. As I said in an ongoing thread on Dave Does the Blog:

    “More and more Im realizing that there is no common ground left in this country. Its just not possible. Were on two different planets. I guess we each just have to fight like hell to try to make sure our vision of this country and the world comes true.”

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