Couple of Funny Bush Photos

I’m still not sure if it’s going to happen on January 20, 2005, or sometime later, but whenever it happens, I am really going to miss the steady infusion of memorable news photos President Bush has given us. Like this one: No, really. My budget plan is about JOBS. That’s right; JOBS! And especially this one, in which Bush experiences yet another of the nasty surprises he never expected were going to be part of this gig: Getting up close and personal with limp-wristed pianists.

2 Responses to “Couple of Funny Bush Photos”

  1. don Says:

    vote- use your weapon of ass destruction

    more war years

    oilwells tell the truth

  2. Theah Says:

    “Europe, great country”
    Bush’s comment when he came of the plane from Europe

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