It’s a Fact: Chicks Lie About Sexual History

Ok, I admit — that was a deliberately inflamatory headline … but that doesn’t make it false. A recent study from Ohio State University points out that… some reported gender differences [of sexual behavior] might show up because women donít always answer surveys honestly, but give answers they believe are expected of them. In this new study, some groups of men & women were surveyed about their sexual history, and others were asked the exact same questions durring a (fake) polygraph test. The average answers from the guys didn’t vary much — but the average answers from the women differed significantly: from 2.6 partners to 4.4.

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  1. Tom Paris Says:

    A woman psychologist once told me that she was quite concerned about all the young teenage women who were getting AIDS.

    She asked them and they all said “No, I never cheat on my husband/boyfriend.”

    Finally in desperation, she asked them off the record, woman to woman what was happening. And they admitted to having on average 20 sexual partners a year, and the husband/boyfriend was not one of them.

    Tough luck guys.

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