White House Story on Niger Allegation Changes Yet Again

Good lord. How many times does Bush need to change his story before even his supporters admit the obvious: He’s being dishonest about the process that led to his making allegations about Saddam trying to buy uranium from Niger in the State of the Union address.

Anyway. Here’s the latest from the Washington Post: Bush aides disclose warnings from CIA. An excerpt:

The new information amounted to an on-the-record mea culpa for a White House that had pointed fingers at the CIA for vetting the speech, prompting an earlier acceptance of responsibility by Tenet. But that abruptly changed yesterday after the CIA furnished evidence that it had fought the inclusion of the charge.

The disclosures punctured claims made by Rice and others in the past two weeks. Rice and other officials had asserted that nobody in the White House knew of CIA objections, and that the CIA supported the Africa accusation generally, making only technical objections about location and quantity. On Friday, a White House official mischaracterized the CIA’s objections, saying repeatedly that Tenet opposed the inclusion in Bush’s Oct. 7 speech “because it was single source, not because it was flawed.”

It’s certainly reminiscent of Watergate, where the initial wrongdoing ended up being eclipsed by the ensuing coverup.

As long as I’m slinging yellowcake stories around, here’s another good piece that sums up the growing disgust with Bush’s attempts to avoid taking responsibility for his own words: Bush needs a 12-step program.

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