Kobe Bryant: Adulterer (+ Rapist?)

So, Kobe has been charged with sexual assault, and while proclaiming his innocence of that charge, has acknowledged having sex with the 19-year-old ex-cheerleader in question: Bryant charged but declares his innocence.

Several things about this seem noteworthy to me. One of my first reactions was to be impressed by the forthright way Kobe was coming right out and acknowledging the adultery. But then I thought about it some more, and realized that, given the likelihood that Bryant’s DNA was inside the alleged victim, the forthright admission can be viewed simply as Kobe taking his best legal option, focusing the case on the issue of consent, which will be more of a “he said/she said” thing.

Yeah, he used purty words when he said it, gazing sincerely at wife Vanessa while apologizing. Reading the quotes later, I wanted to like him, to sympathize with him in his troubles. But I couldn’t help playing that scene from the movie Quiz Show in my mind; the one where Ralph Fiennes as Charles Van Doren is testifying before Congress, admitting to having been given the answers in advance. At first the congressmen are falling all over each other to praise him for his candor and courage, until one of them says hey, I don’t think we should be praising this guy just for having told the truth about a wrong he committed. Let’s not forget the wrong.

I’ve noticed this same thing lately with supporters of George Bush. There’s a conscious looking-away that happens in the run up to the damning admission, an unwillingness to see, to hear, the discordant data. Like a toddler with his fingers in his ears chanting “nonononononono”, we try to magically ward off the unwanted truth by refusing to acknowledge it.

As the situation deteriorates it takes more and more energy to resist that truth. Then comes the singularity: The repository of our trust openly admits having committed the wrong we we’ve been telling ourselves he couldn’t have. There’s shock, a moment of disbelief, and then the mind gets to work, hastily rebuilding the mental scaffolding. And there’s a powerful desire to make the new scaffolding look as much like the old scaffolding as possible.

So that was me, with Kobe, yesterday. He’s Mr. Clean Cut, Mr. Maturity, I’d been telling myself. There were rumours about his accuser; previous interactions with the sherrif, trying out for American Idol; maybe he flirted with her and she ran with it.

But no, they actually had sex. The most favorable interpretation for a Kobe fan is that he was not the clean-cut family man he’d been presenting himself as. Like lots of other young men his age, he was thinking with his penis, at least sometimes, maybe a lot, living a lie and rationalizing it. And, as Hiro pointed out, apparently so convinced of his own immortality that he was having unprotected sex with random hotties, even in the age of AIDS. I wonder how that part of the conversation with Vanessa went. I suspect it wasn’t quite like the press conference.

Anyway, my Kobe scaffolding has rearranged itself. As you can tell, in the new configuration I’m still skeptical of the rape charge. But there’s a hint less certainty to my inner voice. And there should be. I was wrong before. I believed in the old facade, and found out there was a very different reality behind it. Now there’s a new facade. What secrets does it conceal?

I don’t know. I didn’t know before, but now, to paraphrase Rumsfeld, I know that I don’t know, at least a little more. Let’s see me remember that, now.

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  1. Mike Jandrok Says:

    Well, John, I agree that this whole Kobe thing just stinks to high hell and back. What’s lost in a lot of the discussions is how the young lady at the heart of the accusations is feeling right now. She’s enduring a lot in the press as details of her past are now paraded out for the court of public opinion. We’d like to give Kobe the benefit of the doubt because it’s what we do to celebrated sports figures, but you know, I have to think that I owe this woman some of that as well. What’s indisputable in my mind is that she is a victim, maybe of nothing more than a noted celebrity taking advantage of his position, but a victim nonetheless. But maybe not, maybe she was coerced, or threatened….we’ll never know for sure. The truth in this case will never really be known. Kobe has the best lawyers money can buy, and I’m sure that he’ll get off, no matter his guilt or innocence. This ex-cheerleader won’t have the millions of dollars to fall back on, or the adoring fans who’ll cheer every basket Kobe makes, every championship he brings back home to Laker (or wherever, if he’s serious about his contract issues) land.

    Time will tell. The trial is a done deal. Kobe will win. It’ll be big news. Kobe 24/7. Now, if the gal in question uses this to get the big Playboy spread and the book deal, then her credibility will go down for sure. If, on the other hand, she retreats, then I have to think that something stinks a little more. I just hope that she doesn’t put a razor across her wrists, or descend into drug use, or just disappear into the streets or mental institutions, as many real victims of rape often do…..

    It’s ugly, man, ugly. And also, unfortunately, all too human….

  2. Aisha Says:

    All I have to say is Why woud he need to do it? I mean he is a handsome, young,rich superstar. Why would he need to rape someone in order to get what he wants. I’m sure a lot of girls would have sex with him willingly.And even if he was exteremly poor and ugly i still dont think he would rape anyone.

  3. Ronde Stephens Says:

    I am a young woman and I must say this Kobe Bryant thing really does stink. Now let me think – I’m a 19 yr old front desk clerk who happens to see big star “Kobe Bryant” is coming in for a few days to relax AFTER KNEE SURGERY. So I introduce myself to him and ask him if he wants a pesonal tour. (Now how in the the heck did that tour include the room he was sleeping in – and please remember this this forced sexual contact happens after knee surgery.) So things get a little hot and heavy and oops we had sex. Now I feel some kind of way about it because I now realize I’ve just been played as a groupie – like I put myself out there as. Never to be called or screwed again. Women need to learn smart from stupid – If she didn’t want to get with Kobe she would have never stepped foot in his room. Who doesn’t know what goes on in hotel rooms – certainly a front desk clerk knows….

  4. John Callender Says:

    Actually, I thought he got the knee surgery the next day, after the alleged rape.

  5. Eric Beiswanger Says:

    That little bitch is a liar, Lakers,Back to back to back. Shaq diesel all up in da grill kid.

  6. sydneybella Says:

    Men in power tend to think they can have anything they want, and that they can get away with it. I know from experience that a man like that automatically assumes he can have you. It will take a strong woman to stop the situation from going to the sexual level. It was probally over before she could get a bearing on what was happening. I mean, Kobe was flirting with the young girl, and he used that to his advantage. He messed up when he put the girl out of his room. He should have given her a pager/cell # and small amount of money. She would have left thinking she was going to hook up with Kobe Bryant. I bet she would have taken a shower, and not called the police.

  7. Damer Says:

    That’s it, Kobe’s career is OVER! Just like his integrity.

  8. Click Here Says:

    I agree, that accuser will turn up in Playboy, GUARANTEED!

  9. Herman Smalls Says:

    Dear:Kobe bryant

    It doesn’t more any scene how you brought your wifw a 4 million dollar ring because you know that she won’t take your rapist ass back without the ring.You are very sick man how can you rape someone when you are making all if that money.

  10. Kareem Perkins Says:

    Dear:Kobe Bryant

    You are very lucky it wasn’t no female in my family because you would if caught the serious ass beat down until you see blood coming out if your eyes you 1978 born baby monkey looking rapist.I don’t know how your wife could love sike stupid she just with you for your money you stupid ass rapist who don’t know what’s you’re doing.

  11. Mongo Says:

    This is yet another illustration of “affirmative action”! A black “bassetball” player can check into a hotel in a white neighborhood, assume that all the women are “hoes”, and force them to have sex with them. Then, the media and all the moronic fools who follow sports can support him. His “Bros” will run to his defense and he will give a news conference and then, buy his own “hoe” a 3 mil rock to show he’s cool.

    Can we really accept this garbage?

  12. clare Says:

    Let’s leave racism out this, for you separatist shaven head folks. Weather if was black, white what ever a person could claim. First of all he broke vows of marriage. That alone taints what ever comes out of his mouth.Personally I think she was wanting to get some of what he had, people in general worship these athletes, Far to much. In part the fans have created this type of pompous person.

  13. lawrence Says:

    Let’s remember Kobe called this gal and asked her up to his room. If he would have never called her, this would not have happened.

    Kobe made a premptive call to his wife at 11:13 so she would not interupt anything.

    Who was calculating here?

    I know women are fast these days, but how many women(not drunk) have immediate sex with a man they have known for about one hour? And the whole thing took place in 20 minutes! She must have been disrobing as she entered the door.

    For those naive people who say I can see why he would do it.

    Look, he thought it was a done deal, he is not used to hearing the word NO. This damages an arrogant man’s ego. His hormones were raging and he lost control. Men do this sometimes.

    What’s all this about dignity. He always seems to have this cocky smirk on his face and he is constantly licking his lips? Does he need chapstick or what?? He looks to me like one of the most arrogant players I’ve seen on the court!

  14. Izzy Says:

    I feel very sorry for the Hell this young woman is experiencing. She was naive and, as she knows now, she shouldn’t have gone to his room.

    HOWEVER, it is perfectly obvious to me that he is lying, for if someone has been accused of such a horrendous crime, a crime which is likely to ruin his magnificent financial future, where was the RAGE? Hello! If someone had falsely accused me like that I would be so ticked off. He showed no anger like an innocent person would, just wormy behavior and stupid tears.

    I say, let’s give her support.

  15. Lawrence Says:

    That’s a great point izzy, where is the rage??

    The rage is coming from men who hate women, and basketball fans.

    It is as clear as day to me that he thought it was a done deal, in the bag, she came up but was not looking for sex in 20 minutes. He was shocked, and as a immature spoiled young boy will do, he took what he wanted.

    The only thing that he is sorry about is the fact that he got caught.

    Thank God they have a real man like Mark Hurlbert in Colorado.

  16. Greg Says:

    I bet he did it to her, after she said “No, not in me rear!” He went ahead, tore tissue, and she ran out of the room disheveled. I am so sick of our athelete-adoring culture, and all the nitwits who think being a sports star makes one a good person. The stupidity and shallowness of these stars and their fans is no different than the lameness of believing in actors, politicians or preachers. I think it is power that is being worshipped by the weak minded masses. So there!

  17. Roid Hater Says:

    NBA niggers are all rapists.

  18. Cher Says:

    I believe it is the very FIRST time he HAS committed adultery. Poor Kobe, made ONE mistake and got caught and his BELOVED, INNOCENT wife, so true to her husband sticks with him like the GOOD folks do – – through all hardships, they stick with their TRUE love. The $$$$ RING, a bonus to her, her mom’s house fully paid for, bonus for mom and well, the new car. Kobe I will love to sell you the matching necklace the next time someone takes advantage of you – she deserves it and it will be ready as soon as your hearing is over and the righteous, great judges, who are not bought, sees that you are INNOCENT.


  19. aka hezdog Says:


  20. Bob Johnson Says:

    You spear chucking monkeys KNOW that boy raped that little white girl. Someone should cut his balls off. I hope we have a race war someday soon.

  21. Cyrah Says:

    Kobe and Tupac are the same person

  22. Timothy Says:

    kobe bryant is a rapist he should not of did that i dont like him and i hope he goes to prison i dont like him at all he is a rapist

  23. Timothy Says:

    kobe bryant is a rapist he should not of did that i dont like him and i hope he goes to prison i dont like him at all he is a rapist

  24. JAM MASTER JAY Says:


  25. JAM MASTER JAY Says:


  26. YO MAMAS PIMP Says:


  27. dumbass Says:

    Kobe is hella lucky!! man if they they have a jail for being stupid, he would be in it a long ass time ago. Totaly guilty of stupidty!

  28. little mike Says:

    The truth will provail if he is an offender or not. Only time will tell

  29. Big L Says:

    First of all I don’t think that idiotic remarks made by people who don’t know anything should be posted for all to read, not that all are…everyone knows which one’s i’m refering to.

    I will admit although he’s one of the best basketball players to ever play the sport, I’ve always looked down on his character. It’s obvious that he has picked up numerous women just by the mere fact that he picked up the front desk clerk without even knowing her at all. It’s not like they hung out and got to know eachother first. He WILL always cheat, although he has a georgeous wife and family. But WHY would he have to rape her, that is one we’ll have to wait and see.

  30. alicia banks Says:


    Radio Producer, Public Intellectual, Talk Show Host, DJ, Columnist, Scholar, Singer




    Most men want to outlaw sexual frustration. Some women do tease men sexually. Some women even lie about rape. But, even teasers and liars can be raped. Men who are teased have the right to masturbate until relieved of such sexual frustration, and the right to verbally expose their teasers and liars as revenge. But, no one has the right to rape as revenge for such sexual frustration.

    Sex is never a right. It is always a privilege. Sex should never be forced upon any person, not even a spouse. Forced sex is always rape.

    Most men seem unable to fathom such elementary logic about sexual relations. Funny how some men seem to exclusively grasp this truth when they imagine such scenarios with homosexual men…On my radical and revolutionary AM show “Outlook”, rape is a favorite and frequent hot topic of debate. Once in Atlanta at WIGO, a Morehouse college athlete called in and set the show off with his rabid misogyny and his arrogantly ignorant and boldly remorseless celebration of routine gang rapes in athletic dorms. I will never forget that caller. He is the primary reason that I was not surprised to read of the recent brutal gay hate crime that occurred on that very same campus. Sexism and gaybashing are deeply interrelated…

    Most men can only relate to the sexual vulnerability of vaginal penetration when they can imagine themselves being penetrated by a gay man. I often ask them to imagine that they are drunk and mutually experimenting willingly with a gay man…This anal penetration becomes painful and they ask the gay man to stop and withdraw….He refuses to do so and forces them to remain prone until he has ejaculated within their wounded and rigid bodies. Then I ask: “Is that rape?”…Only then do they answer “Yes”.

    Only when they envision this imaginary incident do they suddenly understand how easily and rapidly routine consensual sex can move into rape…These epiphanies on the air always remind me of my favorite scene in the superb film “A Time to Kill”. Sam Jackson is freed only when racist jurors are forced to envision his wounded black daughter as a white girl. Only then does her human pain matter…only when she has white skin. Likewise, men can only regard the pain and abuse of women when they are similarly mistreated by another man….

    In specific situations, anyone can be raped and anyone can be a rapist. Sluts and teasers can be raped. Nice and gentle people can become rapists. Men rape men. Women rape women. Women rape men. Men rape women. Rape can happen to anyone by anyone at anytime…

    I will not judge Kobe Bryant until a jury has done so. The only thing we know now is that he cheated on his young, thin, and beautiful wife. And, he allegedly cheated without a condom. His wife appears to be at her physical peak. This could indeed mean that she has already been sentenced to a life of infidelity without parole or protection from bio-war…

    I am extremely bored and disgusted with millions of men who cheat on their wives. I am amazed that so many rich married celebrities are so careless and whorish with their lucrative semen. They have multi-million dollar bodies that they risk infecting with AIDS as casually as they might risk ingesting some excess calories in a bottle of beer. They risk costly paternity battles for years as easily as they risk losing nominal cash in a casino. I am amazed when anyone risks a solid relationship with a real adult for a one night stand with a child. I am most amazed at how vastly differently men and women define rape.

    For the record, my definition of rape is: Any forced sex act, before, during, or after any initially consensual sexual touching or penetration. “No” means no. And, no may be stated at any time during any sex act.

    Men teach women to play vicious sexual games with sexist double standards for healthy sexuality. When women do what most men do, they are called whores. Men are just called men. Some women say “no” when they really mean “yes” so that they will not appear to be whores. There is a modicum of poetic justice in men being tricked by the sexist tricks they invented…

    Tricks are for kids. Real women and men do not play such games. They respect each other enough to say what they mean. And, they listen when spoken to and immediately act accordingly. Any person has the right to change their mind during sex for any reason. Adults accept these sexually frustrating choices unconditionally.

    Many men are perpetual boys. These immature men define rape as impossible beyond the point of penetration. They truly believe that once any part of their body is inside any orifice of any woman, they have the macho and unalienable right to stay there and do as they wish for as long as they wish. As long as women and men define rape so very differently, rape will continue to be inflicted very often; everywhere and everyday…

    For more columns on sexism and other related topics, see The Eloquent Fury Index at:


  31. Amber Says:

    Responsibility goes both ways. Rapists are responsible for their evil actions. Women are responsible for minimizing their risks of becoming victims of rape.

    Kobe Bryant and his accuser are the only ones who know for certain what happened. No one else does or ever will. I don’t pretend to know if he is guilty or otherwise, but I do know that if a woman goes to a strange man’s hotel room alone she is opening herself up to becoming a target. Any woman who goes to a room that has a bed, to be alone with a man, is risking herself and should have more sense than to be there in the first place!

    Every action has consequences. This is true for everybody. However, many women all too frequently choose to ignore this fact.


    I have been raped. I know the horror and the pain of having your most sensitive flesh ripped and torn and violated. I know what it is to be on the brink of death. I know how a trusted person can be the tormentor, along with the stranger.

    I also know that I was responsible for myself and my safety. While I in no way “asked for it” there were things I could have done to minimize the risk of it ever happening. I do not blame myself for the evil done to me. I do accept the fact that I might have prevented it had I been a bit more attentive and thoughtful.

  32. A Alexander Stella Says:

    Your Friend A Alexander “Bogey” Stella considered the following article interesting and wanted to send it to you.

    The Kobe Bryant case and Absolutely Unrelated WLTB Radio

    Date: 2003-09-15 13:39:04)

    To bring up the piece, you need only click on the hyperlink below.

    After you read it, please consider forwarding this notice to the people, listed in your address book.

  33. Angelo Says:

    After the complete Los Angeles and Noo Yuck media scrutinization of Sammy Sosa and the corked bat incident, (in which he is completely guilty of, admitted his guilt and explained his situation) the whole world gets a field day with the biggest MJ wannabe on the planet. Not only does this guy hot dog everything about his game, he does so copying the greatest athlete in the history of professional sports.

    I live in Southern California and believe me, it has become moron-central since this whole thing blew up. People have been painting on cars “Kobe is innocent” and all this lovable bullshit. They go on Fox News and cry about why this is unfair and how Kobe should be acquitted without knowing any of the facts of the case. How fucking ignorant is that? Oh wait, this is Southern California, people are trend-following mindless drones.

    My favorite radio personality, Tom Leykis, released the name of the girl accusing Kobe of sexual assault, Kate Fabor. Unfortunately for her, this is a no-win situation anyways no matter what the Laker fans think. Her parents are rich, so money isn’t an issue. Being raped is no fun in the first place but being a world renown rape victim won’t help her EVER. So there goes another excuse. Problem is, THERE IS NO FUCKING EXCUSE!! No way is Kobe following the typical innocent man. First off, he claims he never touched her, now its “I didn’t force her to do anything. I am guilty of adultery.”

    Way to go Kobe, it’s either being a rapist or being an public adulterer. That can’t help alone. The website banner I posted was for mere entertainment purposes. The LA fans are so harsh that they will ditch him as soon as he is found guilty. When the Dodgers, Kings, or Lakers start losing, the stands are empty. Sorry Kobe, no more fade-a-way jumpers, its orange jumpsuit time for you, prick.

    I know what I am about to say could be considered racist, but it has to be said. Basketball is full of people that belong in the projects or in jail, period. There are certain guys out there who actually use basketball to get a free education and improve their skills to become better all-around players like Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter, 2 classy guys. Problem is, you give a young black kid right out of high school a big fat contract to play basketball, he’ll fuck it all up. He’ll bring the ghetto back with him. That’s what all this bullshit is, ghetto bullshit. And the next rapist, Mr. Lebron James, the proud owner of a $60,000 Hummer H2 and recipient of a huge contract from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    If you give a 2 Cuban defects, a poor 17 year old Dominican, a farm boy from Peoria, IL, and a Puerto Rican national millions of dollars…you get guys like Livan and Orlando Hernandez, Sammy Sosa, Jim Thome, and Javy Lopez. Guys who give back to their families and communities both in their native countries and America and embrace the fans. Guys like Kobe and Barry Bonds don’t deserve the American dream, they deserve the same tough life that everybody else has to live through without cameras in our face.

    Actually, what makes this situation worse is that with Kobe coming out and saying he’s just a cheater not a rapist, it lessen the sin of adultery to the minds of the fans who adore him.

    Kobe brought this upon himself. When you sleep around, bad things are going to happen. Not just divorce, but you might get somebody accusing you of rape. It’s just a bad move and now Kobe is facing the music. Now some have said that I am jumping to conclusions by calling Kobe a rapist. That is meant for nearly entertainment value. The point I’m trying to make is that this is all Kobe’s fault. If the girl is lying, fine. But she had the opportunity to punish Kobe and to milk him for money and for that I think she is really looking out for herself. If not, then Kobe should do hard time like everybody else who commits a crime as heinous and rape.

    I love those t-shirts that are being handed out by the Sheriffs that say “I’m not a rapist, I’m a cheater.” I go into the store and all I hear about is how that little white girl is a trashy whore who just wants money.

    The way this system is set up, Kobe could be innocent and found guilty, or be guilty and found innocent. Power of suggestion.

  34. Arnold Says:

    Check out hte best Kobe article to date……


  35. Lil Bj Says:

    That girl Just wants Kobe money,or something she no kobe didnt rape her she shouldnt even be lieing like that. From what I heard on tv she sounds like an hoe.

  36. B Says:

    That girl Just wants Kobe money,or something she no kobe didnt rape her she shouldnt even be lieing like that. From what I heard on tv she sounds like an hoe.

  37. Marie Says:

    Dear Kobe,
    I know your inoccent you should divorce that wife of your because shes never in court to support you,I will if I was her shes probabbly cheating on you ,anywas back to the girl that accused you of rapping her she should go some were with that she just want your money and she juust wanna be known that she know you and suppoably got rapped by you anywas thats all you she just messed up your whole carrer.your biggest fan Marie

  38. jonhnson Says:

    First dont compare Kobe to Tupac. Tupac was on found guilty of sexual abuse and found innocent of sexual assault wich in new york is grabbing someone ass of tits. Kobe arrogant ass needs to get checked he has a fine chick at home and go rapes some 19 year old cheerleader or at least boned her. I was actually starting to like him last year when they were playing the spurs. They showed this nice special on him his wife and his new born. He was saying how much his family means to him. Then 2 weeks later the guys cheating on his wife. He is innocent till proven a phony rapist. But all you guys and girls need to get off his nuts just because you are a fan the man is not what you hold him up to be. Magic was ten times better. Jordan was even better at least that ball hog made his teamates better.

  39. dont rape Says:

    Kobes wife needs to divorce that ballhogging rapist did you see her after the game she wouldnt even kiss him it was kind of funny. Kobe is going down weather or not all of his clamoring fans come to support him or not like they did OJ. Guilty or innocent all these stupid bitches like marie calling the girl a hoe what is kobe he is just as much a hoe cheating on his wife from town to town. You need to realize you are not going to be with kobe so end that fantasy. Tell me how many of you 19 year old college students dont sleep around are you all whores no you are young. Kobe is innocent till proven guilty but but not innocent because the girls likes to fuck just like kobe. Stop these double standard of Kobe is a stud because he bones all these chicks and the victim is a whore because she may have had sex with her old boyfreind withing the last couple days. Magic Johnson use to have sex with 5 or 6 women at the same time as he says in his book but that dosnt make him a liar. Dont talk shit about the girl just because you are all over kobes nuts. Get a real hero like MLK or your parent someone who does something else then jump high and dunk cool it looks cool but how is it helping our black youth but making them arrogant ballhogs.

  40. Rape is Wrong Says:

    victim’s blood stains on kobe’s shirt, trauma on her genitals, bruises on her body, kobe’s semen all over her, encounter only lasting for a few minutes, and that devilish smirk on his face? smell’s like teen rapist to me.

  41. Case Closed Says:

    After reading all of your comments, it is quite apparent that there is a majority of people that were calling for Kobe’s head in a noose. Now that this case has been dismissed, I would be willing to bet that these same people will not be posting again to deliberate over the evidence that was purposely withheld by the prosecution until the bitter end. . .which of course, led to their requesting the case be dismissed due to THEIR OWN EXPERT being on the verge of providing testimony that would annihilate their very own case. You know, the interesting part of all of this??? The prosecution has been HIDING this evidence from Kobe’s defense team all this time – I wonder how long they knew they didn’t have a case? I don’t feel sorry for this girl at all. It sounds like she had consensual sex. No? Think she was raped? Maybe you’re right. I know that if I got raped, the first thing I’d do is go out, find a friend and get laid, woo hoo! Now there’s a plan. Obviously, I would really be grief stricken with a plan like that!!!

    Sure, Kobe Bryant committed adultery. Don’t go all holier than though. Do you have any idea how many people sleep around? Yes, it’s not right. He apologized to his wife. She accepted the apology. End of story. “Let he who is without sin. . .”

    Guess what sports fans?

    Kobe Bryant.
    Case Closed.

  42. Fuck All Rapist Says:

    THis is disgusting you male pigs only care about sports and you female kobe fans are on his dick so bad you cant get oxygen to your brains. If you look at the facts you know she was raped, vaginal laceration in her vagina and on the outside of her body too. Maybe it wasnt kobe maybe it was her boyfriend who raped her but she decided to blame kobe instead? Yeah likely story. I dont buy the defense paid expert who says he believes she had sex after, It would be easily put to rest by a prosecution paid expert thats the way it goes they are paid to see it the way money tells them to. Even if that was the case pick up a psycology book the first thing a rape victim does is try to feel safe go home take a shower get the rapist off them, then the guilt of being raped sets in they think they did something bad. And finally the victims want to seem normal and in control. A percentage of rape victims have sex after they have been raped to feel like they are in control again and not being raped. kobe didnt brutally rape her he just did enough to keep her down the bitch wasnt turned on or wet or she wouldnt have had all those minor and major laceration on the outside of her vagina and tissue by her anus. HE just said your fucking me and you cant do nothing about it maybe he thought she wouldnt care like his prior sex partners but he ran in to a bitch that cared. Hopefully he stops his controlling action and learns from this. And hopefully you NBA fans can look at it from both side then just from the testosterone laden side of you who say kobe is dunks awesom that bitch must be lying look at the facts not kobes cute smile girls. Look how he fucked over so called “partner in crime” Shaq and phill. THis kid grew up a rich Italian NBA kid you dont say no to Joe Jelly Bean BRYANT. Verdict=Not guilty=Money TALKS and SHit Walks.

  43. casey Says:

    I myself ,think kode is innocent .why,cause we all have choice in life . quit frankly the bitch messed up by giving it up so easy.poor little rich white girl.I know it would be hard to resisted a man like that.someone so fine ,thats what kind of man i want .just like kobe bryant,damn.But anyway the girl just like any other white girl they all what attention,no offence to ohters.now ,thats all I have to say Kobe Bryant INNOCENT!

  44. Anonymous Says:

    he didnt do it

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