Waxman: Knowing Deception or Unfathomable Incompetence?

I think this is probably one of the strongest statements I’ve seen yet regarding Bush’s lies on Iraqi WMDs. It’s the full text of a letter sent by Henry Waxman to Condoleeza Rice yesterday, demanding an explanation for why Bush made WMD claims in the State of the Union address that were based on obviously forged documents: Waxman: ‘Explain why you cited forged evidence’.

Some additional congressional maneuvering is discussed in this USA Today story: McCain: Don’t delay Iraq hearings.

Granted, with both houses of Congress in Republican control, the deck will be stacked against those trying to use hearings as a forum for presenting the truth on this stuff. But the lies were so blatant, I just can’t see how they can successfully sugarcoat it.

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  1. SacredSalt Says:

    What sugar coating? There will not be any hearings. GOP will never allow hearings on that. Instead they will bury it in a classified review that never leaks any details to the public.

    Good luck getting it on the agenda, as much as I believe Iraq is probably better off in the longer term for it, the public needs to hear it.

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