More on WMDs

From the NYT comes this piece on how the Bush administration is doubling the number of people it has searching for WMDs in Iraq: US plans to add to teams to hunt for Iraqi weapons. An excerpt:

One official, discussing the American plans, said that despite some polls indicating that Americans do not care very much whether the weapons are found, White House officials are pressing the United States Central Command to step up the search for them because of worldwide skepticism that the main American rationale for the war was not proving to be true. “There’s just a lot of pressure coming from the White House on this,” an administration official said. “But Centcom is pushing back because they have other things to do — like securing the country and guarding its antiquities.”

Meanwhile, here’s a piece from The Independent that gives a nice summary of that “worldwide skepticism”: Revealed: How the road to war was paved with lies.

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