Tacitus on the New, Longer War

One of the militarily-smart types I’d previously mentioned that I’ve been reading lately is Tacitus. He has an interesting piece today on how things have gone wrong with some of the rosy assumptions that some, at least, were making before the war: Doctrinal purity. It draws, and comments, on an article from today’s Washington Post: War could last months, officers say. Choice Tacitus quotation: “But they [the US and British forces currently deployed] cannot win the war. They could win the war that was, it seems, expected — popular revolts at every turn, and a demoralized enemy fleeing at the speed of feet — but they cannot win this war.”

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  1. ErolOtis Says:

    And while we wait for the new troop deployments the humanitarian crisis grows and the bombs keep dropping.

    The reality isn’t ‘can we win this war now’ it is ‘can we win this war at all?’.

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