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Evan Coyne Maloney previously got a mention here for his videotaping of New York anti-war protesters; basically, he used the video to make them look like idiots. He’s posted answers to some of the frequently heard criticisms of that action on his Questions about the protest video page; I’d be curious what onan thinks of his answer to the charges that he (onan) made in the comments on the earlier story. Anyway, now Evan has a new video: Protesting the protesters II, which covers similar hijinks with the anti-war protesters in San Francisco on March 15. Apparently in doing so he was aided by the people at, a bunch of screw-loose counter-protesters who like to join anti-war marches carrying signs that mock the actual anti-war folks in a subtle and clever fashion. (Well, the people doing it think it’s subtle and clever.) I dunno; with all these folks I get a sense of some sort of psychological need to reassure themselves that they really are smarter/cooler/better than the other side. With the protestwarrior folks it’s pretty obvious. Evan’s case is tougher; he’s clearly got more on the ball than someone who feels the need to post a photo of himself next to a hot blonde in a tight t-shirt to demonstrate that despite being an embittered Dittohead he can still get sex, but the same sort of striving still comes through in things like his choice of opponent and his one-sided presentation. It happens on both sides, of course, but sometimes I just get tired of the whole us-versus-them thing. Why not drop the pretensions of infallibility, and try to find some actual truth? It just seems like it would be a better use of your time and energy.

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  1. Ensar Kabil Says:

    What a bunch a BS. Hey no need to jelous on a protestwarrior’s cleverness, sense of humour, and guts. There were thirty of us against 100000 (according to ANSWER) or 15000 (according to any other unbiased observer)and we were not standing aside, but walking along at the very top of the crowd. Moreover, out of all the slogans and signs that I have seen at the 3/15 protest, I did not see any that would match PW’s signs, either in intelegance and originality of the message , or the actual crafted sign. Anti-war protesters thought we were corporation or CIA sponsered! You show me one slogan of ours and try to argue (with valid facts of course) that it is untrue or even somewhat twisted from the “real truth”.We made sure to have nothing but facts on our signs, yet not to cross the line and become racist. But of course to you, the left-wing-knows-it-all-and-above-all-intelectual, we are nothing but a bunch of stupid frat boys who only came to mock the decent anti-war folk and provoke some violence. And by the way, how can you not make fun of a butt-naked, stoned guy protesting god only knows what, or a 40 year old (but looks like 60) hippie chick who is caring a sign that says something totaly idiotic like “No War Has Ever Led to Peace”. And these were not random occurances but pretty much the theme of the whole party. Also, thanks for the psycological evaluation on “Why Protestwarrior guy has to date hot blonde chic and show off” but it was completely unnecessary and totaly forced. It was just a litle joke, and if you don’t see any humour in it, than I think you my friend, are litle sexually deprived and frustrated. Like I said before, no need to get jelous. I suggest you not to take yourself that seriously, the world will move on without your enlightening thoughts. Here’s some advice. I don’t know what gender you are, so if you’re a guy maybe you should try to find a hot blonde yourself. Perhaps that will chill you out. If you’re a girl, do the same thing. Find a hot blonde and just take it nice and easy my friend.

    Ensar Kabil

  2. John Callender Says:

    Heh. Thanks for the advice.

    I’m sure it takes a lot of courage to go out there and counter-protest, especially in the heart of liberal zeal that is SF. I respect that. And I respect the many valid points you make in your protest signs.

    My criticism has more to do with the overall strategy of using counter-protesting as a way to get us to the place that we, as a race, need to get to if we’re going to transcend all this crap. And from where I sit, I think you’ve let yourself be trapped into channelling your energies into a struggle you’re never going to win. How long are you willing to keep it up? I guarantee you there will always be weird/stupid/laughable ex-hippies out there saying ridiculous things. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life making fun of them?

    Finally, I’m a guy. And you definitely score a point when you suggest that my own level of sexual frustration may be a significant factor in my activity on this site. I haven’t actually measured it, but I’m guessing I probably do spend a lot more time playing with when I’m in the doghouse, intimacy-wise, with the hot little brunette who agreed to share her life with me a few years back.

    So, congratulations, dammit. You win this round, Mr. Protest Warrior.

  3. Ensar Kabil Says:

    Hey, I have to admit you completely surprised me with that reply. I was expecting some usual leftist ranting supported with communist propaganda and conspiracy theories. You actually seem like a pretty cool guy. I appopologize for calling you a pretensious left radical. You don’t seem that far left, closer towards the center, right? I do agree with your point on raising above uncompromised siding and battling opposing ideas with no desire for reaching a solution somewhere in the middle ground. However, I think that idea, especially the way you phrase it, would fly over a lot of people’s heads on either side, and therefore wouldn’t have as much impact as you’ve envisioned. I think it would be more appropriate for a doctoral thesis. At these protests I tried to have good time. The first thing I noticed was how some people take so much effort in arguing their views and points, yet fail to notice the insignificant impact they individually could really make. My personal view, no matter what it is, will make absolutely no difference in the oucome of this war. I am aware of that so when I went to these protests, besides espressing my ideas I tried to have fun. Even though we made fun of anty-war protesters, we tried to do it in good light without offending them. We wanted to avoid a physical conflict under any circumstances. And some people called us fascists and racists, but quite a few came to us with respect and just hung out kicked it back. So overall it was a good an positive experience. Well enough of me,it is nice meeting you John Callender, good luck and maybe I will talk to you again.

    Ensar Kabil

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