Cockburn with a Final Post-Mortem on Powell’s UN Speech

Alexander Cockburn has a pissed-off retrospective on the truth value (or lack thereof) in Colin Powell’s speech to the UN on February 5. All I can say is, yeah, really. What was that, anyway?

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  1. ymatto Says:

    Stuff like this reminds me that all the guys in power and in intelligence and in every line of work, high or lowly, are just normal guys. They’re mostly concerned with their own well-being and often just lazy. If lots of people’s self-interests start lining up (especially when it could help maximize laziness), stuff happens for good or ill.

    I’ve frequently heard people talking about war as something that should just get on with itself so we as a nation can feel confident again and the economy can recover so we can start thinking about buying shit again.

  2. asdf2 Says:

    The guys in power now are not normal guys. I still haven’t decided whether they are evil robots or Morlocks. But they certainly are not human.

  3. a_stupid_box Says:

    As ymatto pointed out, the U.S. a lot of people just want the war to go down so that the economy jumps. Concern for the sanctity of life? Nah, the good ‘ol greenback is MUCH more important than someone you’d never meet…

    And for those who have thought that things should be run by “us” (people who post here), may I remind you that we’re probably the worst. After all, we’re such attention whores that we feel the need to post here without even gaining anything but the notice of others — at least media stars and politicians have a much higher minimum price.

    Yes, I’m aware I probably both ruffled a few feathers and evoked a few laughs with that last paragraph. Humility is a fun little ditty to horse around with.

  4. ymatt Says:

    Oh well yeah, for chrissakes don’t make me president. But give me some better choices next time, hm? (and for that matter give me a voting system that isn’t so profoundly flawed too)

    I vote evil robots by the way.

  5. a_stupid_box Says:

    I agree — I’d like better choices as well. Hell, if we’re going to have puppets for presidents, I’d vote for “Tiffany”.

    She’s a 17 year old person who read something I posted on here a while back and decided to make me the object of her obsession.

    Her poor taste aside, I would love to have her in a position of power. As long as she would bend to my every beck and whim that is.

  6. Anonymous Says:


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