To Clone, or not to Clone

You may have heard of a company named Clonaid, which claims to have cloned several babies (and that humans were orriginally created by Aliens … but that’s a seperate issue). Now a Florida judge in there has ordered the CEO of Clonaid to answer questions about the existence of the “Eve” (the first hypothetical cloned child) to determine if he should appoint a guardian to care for it — which is ammusing since there’s no evidence that Florida has any jurisdiction in the matter. Also amusing: the VP of Clonaid claims he is “unaware of how Clonaid is funded, whether it has a board of directors, if and where it holds any bank accounts, and where its cloning labs are located.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    If in the beginning all of human kind were cloned by aliens,then who or what made the aliens………?

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