Jimmy Carter Scolds Dubya on Taking Sides with Israel

While acknowledging that he’d be willing to play a mediator’s role in the Arab-Israeli conflict if both sides, and the U.S. president, asked him to, Jimmy Carter opened a mild can of moral-authority whoop-ass on dubya the other day by pointing out that he (dubya) is unique among recent U.S. presidents in siding wholeheartedly with Israel in that conflict, rather than offering at least an illusion of even-handedness (which, granted, is fairly academic anyway, given the U.S.’s consistent role in funding the Israeli military machine throughout that period). In any event, Carter has since acknowleged that he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of being asked to mediate anytime soon.

2 Responses to “Jimmy Carter Scolds Dubya on Taking Sides with Israel”

  1. james Says:

    carter is complete and total failure. getting the nobel “appeasement” prize means nothing. for carter to critize another’s foreign diplomacy is outlandish. carter never accomplihsed anything but a bunch of ‘make nice’ papers signed by the likes of north korea which achieved nothing.

  2. John Callender Says:

    I guess getting Egypt and Israel to establish peaceful relations doesn’t count in your book. Nor all the stuff he’s done since leaving office, through organizations like Habitat for Humanity, and the Carter Center. No, you probably would prefer to laud the “successes” achieved since leaving office by former presidents Ford, Reagan, and Bush the First.

    You look up to your heroes; I’ll look up to mine. And when your medication wears off, consider this: in any kind of contest involving using one’s clout to make the world a better place, my hero can kick all your heroes’ butts with one hand tied behind his back. So there.

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