Academic Boycott of Israel?

From the Guardian comes an interesting, if lengthy, piece on a small but growing movement, centered in British academic circles, to boycott Israeli academic researchers. Among its other virtues, the article offers some insights into the range of viewpoints within Israel, or at least Israeli academia, toward the current bury-them-in-rubble approach to the Palestinian issue espoused by Sharon.

4 Responses to “Academic Boycott of Israel?”

  1. arik Says:

    Sick…. Why are you liberals so antisemetic. First you send our fathers to the ovens under teh liberal party The German Worker’s Party – SS and now you try to arrest/assasinate the only man on earth (Ariel Sharon) who cares enough to try and end a slaughtering campaign conducted under the guise of a Moslem holy act (an Intifada). I hope when the Moslems do destroy all of western society, they murder the liberals first.

  2. John Callender Says:

    What have you been smoking, son? I think I want some.

  3. Jaybird Says:

    So I take it he hasn’t driven a bulldoser thru your house while you were watching “West Wing” lately has he.

    Want some more Kool-aid Arik?

  4. Anonymous Says:

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