John Bender’s Switch Ad

One of the better parodies of Apple’s Switch campaign is offered up by U.S.-born John Bender, who became a Canadian in 1996 and is never going back. Courtesy of Janus (who is actually onan).

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  1. Frank Says:

    John is not a Canadian, but a fake, a poser if you will. Check out my website for more and you decide who the monkey is.

  2. Anti-Frank Says:

    At least his web site is unique, fairly balanced, and funny to boot. Your’s is just a childish diatribe. Poseur? Did you learn that word today?

  3. Pro-Frank Says:

    Hey Anti-Frank (John Bender) did you just learn the word diatribe? Poseur? You must be Canadian or some other Queen loving British subject.

    Fair and balanced? The Bender site is nothing more than an American bashing website, created by an American and hosted in America. All of which would not be possible without the American inventions called the computer and the Internet. He is a poser because he is not Canadian as he claims and he does not even have a Mac.

  4. Anti-Pro-Frank Says:

    “All of which would not be possible without the American inventions called the computer and the Internet.”

    Conservatives that boast about America’s technological and scientific superiority are total posers, taking credit for the success of government programs that they actively oppose at every opportunity. The private sector had little interest in computers or the Internet until after both technologies had been invented by government and university researchers. In fact, the private sector really hasn’t been responsible for hardly any of the advances in computing that have occurred in the US.

    Anyway, the first computer was developed in the UK during World War II. The reason you didn’t know that is that because it was kept a military secret for many years. The US government’s machines weren’t completed until after the war and therefore weren’t classified. So, for many years, it was wrongly believed that the US was first. Several years later, the UK also developed public-key cryptography, the technology that makes secure internet transactions possible. Again, it was a kept a military secret until independently developed by others. All of this information is widely available online — do your research before posting.


  5. Sooz Says:

    Hi There,

    Since the site was taken down (why? and how sad!) Does anyone know John’s e-mail address?



  6. Shane Says:

    I am an American … moreover I am a Republican and my well-educated vote will be cast in favor of George W Bush. But more importantly, I am a friend of John Bender. In fact, we have been friends since high school.

    Although to be expected, I am disheartened by the personal attacks launched against my friend … especially from my fellow Americans. We are blessed to live in a land that respects and protects the right to dissenting opinions. It saddens me the hypocracy offered by some who would wish to provide free speech so long as it conforms to their own beliefs.

    My friend and I differ on many issues, however, I respect his opinions and beliefs despite the fact I disagree with them. I would not expect to be personally attacked by cowardice ignorance because of any of my differing political views. Those who act in any such way are not flying the flag of freedom, but rather are ripping away at the very foundation on which that flag stands.

    That being said, I welcome any respectful criticism and/or commentary. However, personal attacks and ignorant banter will be given the same consideration I give to a John Kerry speech.

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