Norm Coleman: Candidate of Destiny

So, Norm Coleman is getting all kinds of help these days. First, a well-heeled national Republican PAC calling itself Americans for Job Security has swooped in to spend $1 million on an advertising blitz over the last two weeks of the Minnesota Senate race, which will be more money than any of the other main participants (the Wellstone and Coleman campaigns, and the state Democratic and Republican parties) had been planning on spending. And now, of course, Coleman’s opponent has died in a plane crash, just 11 days before the election. (The conspiracy theorist in me is really interested in what the NTSB has to say about the cause of the crash.) And since the tragedy also included the deaths of Wellstone’s wife, daughter, and top aides, it makes it hard for the Democrats to mount a sympathy campaign like the one that carried widow Jean Carnahan to victory over John Ashcroft two years ago in Missouri.

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  1. Allison Says:

    Dear norm coleman,

    my name is allison and I am 13 yrs. old.

    I am very pro-life.

    We need to stop abortion now!! Please they are killing poor innocent babies. Just yesterday i was on the internet and i clicked on this thing and there was this baby who was all bruised and beat up. And then the baby had no HEAD. can u believe it they ripped a babies head off.

    Please help stop abortion!!! inj, Allison

  2. Tom Says:

    Norm Coleman the womanizer and Grand Hypocrisy Poster boy is out for your rights fellow citizens.

    Ole Norm is a trusted lackey of the Bush Regime and he will do as he is told by the fuher Bush.

    Coleman and Pawlenty are two sad cases of the Gop rights movement to destabalize America’s work force to make it easier to control under the arm of a dictatorship.

    My view is Wellstone was murdered by the Gop for control, total control of you the people.

    Wellstone was a big pain in the Gop’s butt.

    Wellstone stood up and told the Gop lackeys in the Senate what time of day it was and they hated it !!

    Wellstone had power to persuade by putting the truth out and then laying it on the line which was conviction to those who were liars and butt kissers for power.

    Miss ya Paul !!



    February 28, 2003 EDITORIAL ARCHIVES

    Minnesota Should Hang Its Head in Shame for Electing Norm Coleman, A True Grand Hypocrisy Party Creep


    Shame on the citizens of Minnesota who voted for the Grand Hypocrisy Party (GHP) poster boy Norm Coleman. (All Paul Wellstone voters are excused from any accountability for the majority of voters.) You elected an opportunistic low-life who adopts the right wing extremist party line whenever he’s called upon to do so.

    Just read the letter Coleman wrote to a Minnesota BuzzFlash reader in which the man with the unusual personal life, as Garrison Keillor has noted of Coleman, explains why he is supporting Miguel “Federalist Society” Estrada for the most important federal appellate court in America.

    Coleman indulges in the usual Orrin Hatch mantra to justify his neo-Confederacy stance: “In carrying out the Senate’s role, I have always believed our Founding Fathers intended to interpret the Constitution rather than to make laws from the bench. So, in confirming judges, I will look for nominees who demonstrate competence, appropriate judicial temperament, and a commitment to the strict construction of our Constitution and our laws.”

    Of course, when it comes to Antonin Scalia-like doublespeak, Coleman really means that he will support judges that will act like partisan hacks and ensure that the right wing agenda passes through the courts like a pig on a greased pole.

    The partisan Federalist Society judges appointed since the Reagan administration have talked a “strict constructionist” game, but that’s just the disguise they wear. In reality, most of these right wing “loyalty oath” judges have adopted an aggressive judicial advocacy agenda, riding roughshod over congressional legislation and states rights when it advances their political, not judicial, outlook.

    Estrada is a buddy of Ann Coulter and Ted Olson. He’s not someone who would come to the court with a “conservative” agenda. On the contrary, he is a radical right wing extremist, who Coulter thanks for his contributions to her latest venomous and treasonous book, but who is packaged by the Rove propaganda machine as an “even-tempered conservative.”

    Coleman knows this, but he’s just an opportunist who sold a fake bill of goods to the people of Minnesota. In doing so, the majority of the voters in Minnesota not only elected an unctuous creep, they tipped the Senate to the Republicans. That’s something to hang your head in shame about.

    Minnesota could have had Walter Mondale, a venerable statesman, representing the state in the Senate. They could have had their state represented by someone with dignity and honor. They could have carried on the impassioned, patriotic tradition of Paul Wellstone (See:

    Instead, they elected themselves Mr. Coleman, just another partisan Grand Hypocrisy Party hack who supports the neo-Confederacy agenda of the Roves, Norquists, and Bushes.

    The people of Minnesota are stuck with this dirt bag for six years — and so are the rest of us.


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