Florida GOP Accuses Democrat of Lawsuit He Wasn’t Involved With

Ah, the closing days of campaign season, when the stakes go up and the risks of getting caught in a lie, or of suffering any significant consequences if you do, go down. A nice example (also courtesy of fark.com) is that of the Florida Republican Party, which recently sent an attack mailer to voters in the state’s 27th senate district, urging them to vote against Democrat Dave Aronberg because of a lawsuit he had previously brought against the Palm Beach County school system. Except it turns out that the suit was brought by a different Dave Aronberg, Dave T. Aronberg, not the Dave A. Aronberg who’s running for state senate. The Republican candidate, Frank Mann, and the state GOP chairman say they’re really sorry, and promise they’ll do their best to get in touch with the estimated 50,000 people who received the ad, so they can explain about their mistake.

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  1. a_stupid_box Says:

    heh, yeah, I’m suuuure they’ll try their damnedest. If they even make an attempt it’ll be after the election I’ll bet.

    “Oh, by the way, we meant a different Dave Aronberg. Thank you for your vote.”

    And then the BEST part… most people won’t even read the mail, of those who do, most won’t believe it; of those who do, most won’t bother to check into it on thier own.

    What a beautiful, lazy society we live in. Personally I’d have thrown a fit about unsolicited mail and looked into local laws regarding my ability to take the Republican Party to court — I do the same to anyone who pulled this crap.

    That’s why I always vote for a socialist candidate — I appreciate the lack of advertising (besides, since we’ve government programs, the U.S. is alread a socialist country).

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