Duct Tape Good for Wart Removal

From Reuters comes news that the U.S. Army has discovered a new use for duct tape: wart removal. See? Who says military spending doesn’t spin off significant civilian benefits.

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  1. thomas keeler Says:

    you never stated how duct tape removes the wart

  2. Sandy Says:

    The study was reported in the October issue of the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

    In the study, patients wore duct tape over their warts for six days. Then they removed the tape, soaked the area in water and used an emery board or pumice stone to scrape the spot. The tape was reapplied the next morning. The treatment continued for a maximum of two months or until the wart went away.

  3. Jim M Says:

    Who really wants to wear duct tape on their body for up to 2 months? I’d rather just go to a doctor

  4. brian b Says:

    Jim m is a raging homo

  5. Jim M Says:

    Brian, just because you removed all of your pubic hair when the duct tape ripped it off don’t be angry. The article never said it healed genital warts

  6. brian b Says:

    You’re the one who gave me the genital warts. Did you ever clear up those crabs?

  7. Brian's Gay Lover Says:

    Brian, this is childish. Just come over and we’ll make out

  8. John Callender Says:

    Heh. This is reasonably amusing, and I appreciate the attention, but I feel compelled point out to the folks at home that each of the last 5 comments was posted from the same IP address.

    Why don’t you go bird watching, or something? There’s a whole, big, wonderful world out there to explore. :-)

  9. Jason Says:

    This REALLY works. I had a large planters wart on my toe remove 3 TIMES by a doctor. Twice it was dug out and once it was removed with a laser. EVERY time it came back bigger and stronger. I laughed at the duct tape technique until I tried it. It was rough wearing duct tape on my body, but well worth it and painless compared to the “surgury”.

    I highly recomend the duct tape method.

  10. chris r Says:

    I got my first plantar wart when I was about 10 yrs old and had it burned off a few painful years later.

    In my mid 20’s I got another wart and lived with it until it multiplied and heard about this duct tape business.

    I didn’t think it was silly or anything so I gave it a shot. In short order all 30 something warts, of various sizes, disappeared.

    Yes I had to use an emery board to work them out but the joy of getting rid of those little beggars was worth the effort.

    The duct tape really stuck to the area and didn’t wear off like the band-aids that come with traditional wart remedies; which didn’t work at all for me. I gave up on the traditional OTC medications ($$$) after about 6-8 months.

    As well, I didn’t have to worry about scarring: I have a big scar on the bottom of my foot from the first wart I had removed when I was 10.

    It’s not a painful scar but there are now no nerve ending’s on the scar area (of course) which is about dime sized, and I sure as heck notice that all the time, presumably for the rest of my life.

    I didn’t notice that I was walking around with duct tape on my feet. I guess it’s similar to the folks that live close to airports: They just get used to the planes – I got used to the tape right away.

    I suggest giving duct tape a try before spending the bucks on acyla … …acila… …asylac… …the crap that you buy at the drug store.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    How does it remove the wart? Does it pull the thing out of just slowly shrink it until it disappears?

  12. Fresh Brains Says:

    Confirmed by my dermatologist, who says it requires a lot of work but performs beautifully, the duct tape method works because it causes a reaction that sends alpha-interferon to the affected area.

  13. sarah Says:

    i have had a wart for 2yrs and have tried garlic and medicine should i give the duct tape a shot do u think it will work?

  14. jeju Says:

    Why does the duct tape takes so long?

  15. Kevin Says:

    Okay, so I’m trying this out now and one week into it, I’m noticing a significant change. The wart is turning white and parts are coming off without pain.

    The method I’m using uses sulfur powder and duct tape. check out http://www.wart1.com. There are tons of detail about it there.

    Oh, and according to some other dermatologists website, the tape effectively suffocates the area which begins the process of killing the wart, then as that part of the body is suffocating, your immune system kicks into high gear and finishes it off.

  16. lalalala Says:

    what do mean take so long, at the doc’s office you have to go for treatment every month that’s BS

  17. lalalala Says:

    what do mean take so long, at the doc’s office you have to go for treatment every month that’s BS

  18. lalalala Says:

    what do mean take so long, at the doc’s office you have to go for treatment every month that’s BS

  19. lalalala Says:

    what do mean take so long, at the doc’s office you have to go for treatment every month that’s BS

  20. lalalala Says:

    what do mean take so long, at the doc’s office you have to go for treatment every month that’s BS

  21. lalalala Says:

    what do mean take so long, at the doc’s office you have to go for treatment every month that’s BS

  22. Tom Says:

    Planters Warts can be easily and quickly removed with a homeopathic medicine available at your local health food store. Look for NEWTON #36 WARTS.

    I put 6 drops on my tongue 2x per day for 4 days when I noticed that my warts no longer hurt as I walked on them.

    About 2 weeks in the treatment, The warts were shrunk to skin level and black roots were exposed. I was able to remove the roots shortly after on most of them. The larger warts didn’t cause any pain so I chose not to carve the bottom of my feet.

    Respectfully excited.


  23. Marilyn Says:

    The duct tape successfully removed the warts off my grand-daughters feet in only a few days! Please try it yourself. you will be happy you did!

  24. Rachel huddleston Says:

    I have a seven year old son who has had a wart since he was three that is four years tried every thing now he is getting more they are seed warts on his foot I asked the doc what cause them no answer i had one once it went a way hope this works he is also thin could this be from the virus

  25. Rachel huddleston Says:

    I have a seven year old son who has had a wart since he was three that is four years tried every thing now he is getting more they are seed warts on his foot I asked the doc what cause them no answer i had one once it went a way hope this works he is also thin could this be from the virus

  26. Rachel huddleston Says:

    I have a seven year old son who has had a wart since he was three that is four years tried every thing now he is getting more they are seed warts on his foot I asked the doc what cause them no answer i had one once it went a way hope this works he is also thin could this be from the virus

  27. Rachel huddleston Says:

    I have a seven year old son who has had a wart since he was three that is four years tried every thing now he is getting more they are seed warts on his foot I asked the doc what cause them no answer i had one once it went a way hope this works he is also thin could this be from the virus

  28. d diamond Says:

    I never thought in a million years I’d be in an internet chat room about removing warts with duct tape…but my doctor told me and I had to check it out because I’ve had this wart for five years and the otc medicine didn’t work…but I’m really concerned that I’m talking to you about removing warts with duct tape…help me

  29. chris Says:

    i’m going to try this because jim is a raging homo, and i heard they are really smart.

  30. Kire Says:

    I found the duct tape irritated the surrounding skin, so I’ve switched to using nail polish to suffocate it. It seems to be going well and looks like it will come out in a couple of days. I only switched to the nail polish about 5 days ago. Good luck!

  31. Heather Says:

    I tried the duct tape for a few days and i didn’t notice anything except for my wart turned white. I think I’ll try nail polish now. Thanks for the idea Kire.

  32. James B. Clark Says:

    i once had 30 or more planter warts on the bottom of my foot. lucky for me i broke my foot in a motorcycly wreck and was in a cast for 6 weeks. when the cast was removed the warts were gone. i always thought that they must have sufficated

  33. richard stein Says:

    Last year, I had an advanced-stage (5-4 months) planters wart on my foot and tried the duct tape / scoring method. I stuck to the method diligently but, in my case, it didn’t work at all.

    There was no visible change and the wasted time allowed it to increase significantly in size and depth.

    Eventually, I had to have the thing removed via liquid nitrogen.

    It may be possible that the method only works on early-stage growths…not sure.

  34. al Says:

    I have a wart on the palm of my hand, which is nice for greeting people with a hand shake I might add. I had it removed with liquid nitrogen a few months ago which hurt like a bitch and gave me a small scar where the blood blister popped around the perimeter. Mr wart decided to reappear out of nowhere under the scar tissue, so now i have a wart that goes in a circle with nothing in the middle. Great huh. I’m going to try the duct tape.

  35. Sieffe Says:

    Thanks, guys/guyettes . . . .I was seriously looking at this to help my wife get rid of a nasty that had popped up near her eye (which is a bit more of a worry than other places) and ended up rolling on the floor at the posts . . .especially the last one at the bottom of the page (which is probably not by the time this one is posted!)

    My theory is yet to be confirmed that the virus is just like all the rest of the skin and needs to breathe, hence methods of depriving that oxygen is probably good science . . .remember the problem the film-makers of Goldfinger had when they painted the girl gold paint all over? No oxygen!

  36. Karen Says:

    Weeeell, if liquid nitrogen and duct tape don’t work, I did hear about the swinging of the dead cat in the graveyard at midnight…. Not sure if you have to apply it to the wart afterwards, tho.

  37. Karen Says:

    Weeeell, if liquid nitrogen and duct tape don’t work, I did hear about the swinging of the dead cat in the graveyard at midnight…. Not sure if you have to apply it to the wart afterwards, tho.

  38. Nancy Says:

    Any updates on nail polish vs. duct tape for wart removal? My son is debating about trying the duct tape or seeing a dermatologist and since the wart in question is on the top of his hand, clear nail polish is entering into the choice of remedies. Does the polish work?

  39. Nancy Says:

    Any updates on nail polish vs. duct tape for wart removal? My son is debating about trying the duct tape or seeing a dermatologist and since the wart in question is on the top of his hand, clear nail polish is entering into the choice of remedies. Does the polish work?

  40. Alan Says:

    I had a huge wart on my ring finger, right where the fingernail begins. When I went out with friends, I think the ladies would rather seen a ring. I had the wart removed with liquid nitrogen. It hurt a little, but the wart has been gone for a few years now. This may be because the skin isn’t as deep on the finger and the roots couldn’t run very deep.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Hi,i’m 16 and i have several warts on each hand in different loacations of the hand, on my palms, on the back of my hand and other places. Do you recon duct tape would work, how long does it take.

    PS i tried liquid nitrogen it it was crap all it did was hurt and scared me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wots this about nail polish?????

  42. Dave Says:

    Hi,i’m 16 and i have several warts on each hand in different loacations of the hand, on my palms, on the back of my hand and other places. Do you recon duct tape would work, how long does it take.

    PS i tried liquid nitrogen it it was crap all it did was hurt and scared me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wots this about nail polish?????

  43. Dave Says:

    well its me again from above.

    I tried the duct tape and i cannot believe it works. And it is so quick as well

    I have about 5 or 6 warts on each hand and just before i go to bed at night i securly put on the duct tape. when i wake up i just take it off and wash my hands after 3 days i can se results and i dare say most of my wartrs will be gone within a week to 2 weeks.

    Ill report back here when they go!!

    good to see you yanks are good for something lol

    Dave ;)

  44. Kyle Says:

    Hey my name is Kyle and I have these warts on my feet, one on my left foot at the heel, and two at each end of my right foots width, i am doing a salt massage with hot water, and also I have been trying over the couter medecine, also the doctor who cut them off, but they will not go away, how long with this duct tape thing last if I have a go at it?

  45. Nikky Says:

    Ok these posts are hillarious , thanks for giving me a laugh, took my attention away from being depressed about my wart for a while. Yep somehow I managed to land a huge mother of a wart above my upper lip so Ive been in hiding for 2 weeks, what an embarassment!!!!!Ive been to numerous doctors and keep getting stuffed around, dont really want to have it cut out or frozen cause of keloid scarring I have so trying this tape thingy out.All I can say is it better bloody work!! Ill keep you all posted to let you know :)

  46. EJ Says:

    hey. some how or other i got this wart on the palm of my hand a few months ago…i think… i bought this stuff called “Wartner” and used it three times before i figured what the hell, its not working. so i have been living with it for a while. but i really dont like it, it bothers the hell out of me and haha sometimes people will catch me biting at it and ask me what the hell i am doing. well, what should i do, i think i shall try the duct tape and then the nail polish. i really hope this works because it is not fun having to worry if people have seen it…or felt it…

    hope this works

    ps, i was talking to my dad about it and he said that his grandmother said that you can hold a silver coin to your wart (im not sure for how long) and then sell it to someone. the only problem is that you have to find someone stupid enough to buy your wart… or i guess you could just not tell them and just give them the coin..? and try aloe.

  47. Nikky Says:

    ok thought Id pop back in and tell everyone how its all going. For starters wart was 5mm round and 2-3mm high (GROSS) Ive been covering my wart for only 15 days now and holy hell its nearly gone. I first covered it for a full 6 days then soaked it in water for 30 mins before trying to pick some of it away. but it hurt bad and nothing really happened but for a little bit falling off and it bled like a bitch lol. put the tape back on (double elastoplast as we dont have duct tape here) and I noticed that if I put on a new piece of tape each day it worked heaps better. the glue obviously is a major part of the wart dying. I found if you carefully picked at loose stuff on the wart( dont dig in far) and then stuck a new bit of tape on when you changed the tape after a day the dead stuff would stick to the tape and fall off. so seeing I started with a majorly huge wart and 15 days later the skin is flat and almost gone its well and truly worth a go. Hope this helps some poor other wart sufferer and if theres any questions you like to ask me please feel free to email me at Nikbear29@hotmail.com. :)

  48. Monique Says:

    Well I am so glad to read all of this. I have a 4 year old and I thought these were splinters they were so small at first. Withtin a month they are these huge nasty warts under her foot and I can’t stand the idea of putting her throught the hell of freezing or digging. I’m going for the polish and duct tape together and will let everybody know what happens.

  49. Mark Says:

    Well I like many of you have a wart. I’ve had warts on my feet before and had success with one treatment of liquid nitrogen. The warts formed a blood blister after the liquid nitrogen and then just fell off. I have a wart on my index finger of my left hand. Being a guitarist it has plagued for almost 11 months. I started with the over the counter medications which appeared to do nothing. Then I went to the Dr’s and he has now treated it with liquid nitrogen on 5 seperate occassions all with no remedy. So today a fellow musician who is also a Dr suggested i try duct tape. He has told me he has had some success with some of his patience using this method. I’ll check back with you and let you know how it works. At this point I’m willing to almost try anything.

  50. Tyler Says:

    My daughter tried this. She wasn’t very consistent about applying the tape but it has been about 2 weeks and there is a very noticeable change in the warts and they look like they are starting to come off.

  51. Patrick Says:

    Boy, am I glad I found this site! I’ve been battling warts on the bottom of my feet for nearly four years! I had two removed by laser and they healed well. However, doctors no longer treat with laser in New York State because of numerous problems with scarring. I’ve been going to a local dermatologist for liquid nitrhgen treatment on a weekly basis, and have been applying Aldara (by prescription) three times per week. I still have the ugly warts and noticed a few smaller ones growing. I will try the duct tape today and will post my pogress soon. Thanks to you all!

  52. Nikky Says:

    Hi again all. Whats left of my wart is now what you would call a little indentation in the skin..sure beats scarring and doctors bills. I dont use the tape anymore and its slowly healing. I can wear makeup over it and you cant even see it. I am now starting on smallish skintag, so far 6 days and its looking promising. Thinking of where I can put tape now hahaha *scans body* ;)

  53. Hok Says:

    Hey goes, I’d like to throw in my 2 cents.

    Nitrogen doesn’t work on plantars warts on the feet! NOT AT ALL. the roots are too deep, and it hurts like hell to have the nitrogen gun pointed at your foot for 10 seconds straight (to get deep down into it), not to mention, nerve endings in my feet are also dead.

    Right now I have 3 on my feet, and probably some developing on my hand (from all the picking, which isn’t actually very much, and I wash my hands for maybe an hour after I’m done that). I’m using duct tape and medicine, its worked at killing the outside concave(or convex?) edges of the wart, but the centre is being troublesome. Actually there only were 2, and now there are 3. I think I’m going to try nail polish too. (oh and watch out, the wart cream at the store BURNS away all the skin around the war, so apply only on the wart, and hope there are no spores surronding the wart).

    That is all.

  54. patrick7 Says:

    OK, about the duct tape for plantar warts – it works!

    There are three websites to check out about this.



    somebody’s personal story with photos, click here – it’s fascinating seeing them go away

  55. Karine Says:

    When do you know when a wart as completely dissapeared? I have been using Compund W and beside skin damage I am not sure if they are completely gone. It would be really appreciated if someone sheed some light on this matter.

    Thank you kindly.


  56. Ange Says:

    Well, I’ve had a nail bed wart on my right thumb for 41 years – yes, YEARS! My Doc said it would be too painful to have it removed and anyway, they usually go of their own accord. But after 41 years?

    I’ll try the duct tape….

  57. Jonathan Says:

    I just got done using duct tape on a small wart on my middle finger, just behind the nail line. I left it one for about 2 days. I then took an emery board to it and started filing down the dead skin. When I was done, I noticed that the wart had come slightly uprooted. I kept at it with the emery board and after a little while, the wart came up rooted. I removed the skin around it with emery board; where the wart had been had begun to bleed. After the bleeding stopped, I covered it with a band-aid. That was yesterday. See what happenes.

  58. skinny pete Says:

    i have had a wart on my ring finger for about a year. i have tried the duct tape, efudex, ive had it burned off…but it just wont go away. ..its starting to spread slowy down the side of my fingernail. ..i also have “seed” warts on the sole of my left foot. i dunno, maybe like 4 or 5 of em. i dont understand these stupid things. how can i get rid of them?

  59. susan pettibone Says:

    Hi, warties! I’ve had a couple of small plantars on my feet for about 12 yrs. First I had one “surgically removed” – with lots of attendant drama, bandages, etc – by a podiatrist in NYC at the cost of over $250 to my insurance plus $40 co-pay (2 visits)from me – what a SCAM!!! – it came RIGHT BACK. Then I went to a dermatologist 8 years ago for at least 6 nitrogen treatments. OWWWWEEEEE! I could hardly walk. These painful, expensive treatments caused another plantar wart to pop up on my OTHER FOOT (hence the two) and one or two on the palms of my hands. Like the wizard with the broom. Now I am trying the duct tape method. Will give an update. I am past real young…in my 50’s. Will send updates on progress, if any.
    yrs articulately, Anonymous

  60. Ohani Says:

    hey everyone. i have had this plantar/seed wart or whatever for a couple days now and it is right inbetween my toes, and it hurts really bad. i’m trying the nail poilish bit. if that dont work i’ll go with the ducktape(if we have any)
    ~Age 16

  61. Wartman Says:

    I don’t know it this is relevant or useful, however this may help. I had a large wart on my knuckle that needed removal upon my return from vacation this summer. I visited Niagara falls and did the walking tour of the basin on the american side where the spray splashes over the lookout platform. Upon removing my assigned raincoat when I returned to the top, I noticed a hole in my knuckle where the wart had been. It actually fell off. I don’t know what is in that water or how it worked, but it was painless and it healed nicely over the last month with no sign of return. So all you wartheads or should I say feet. Take off your shoes & socks and visit Niagara falls.

  62. ashley Says:

    I have had a plantar wart for years and it started to get bigger I’ve been using Duofilm,and it isn’t really helping, but today, it was.A little part of the wart was losse so i tried to pick it off…not the smartest thing i’ve done..It started to bleed and bleed until it couldn’t no, more does this mean it will spread?And i REALYY REALLY don’t want ffreezing im terrified of the doctors doing that please please give me advice…

  63. Jonathan Says:

    Ashley –
    When I used duct tape on my middle finger, I was just starting to pop off after I removed tape and used an emery board to shave the dead skin away. The wart popped off and my finger, where the wart was, started to bleed a lot. Once the bleeding stopped and the blood clot went away, all that was left was smooth skin. I washed my finger and hands wherever blood touched. I haven’t seen anymore.

  64. StOnEy Says:

    I have a warty, bubbly (sometimes infected and painful) growth under my right thumbnail. This has gone on for roughly two years. It is pissing me off to no end. I have been to three different “dermatologists.” The first simply discounted my concerns and “assured” me that it was a merely a “wart.” He suggested keeping “Sno-Seal” and “Liquid Bandage” on it (I sense a malpractice suit coming on). It failed to dissappear. The second “dermatologist” simply discounted my concerns, and proceeded to apply liquid nitrogen to the tip of my thumb. As a result, the tip of my thumb turned purple, and then it turned black. I lost a lot of feeling/sensation And the damned thing came back again. The third “dermatologist” perscribed “Magic Wart Cream” from Flanders Pharmacy. It actually worked. Essentially, it is glycolic acid, or alpha hydroxy acetic acid. I was totally psyched that my little buddy was gone, but it re-appeared within six months. I am currently applying the same shit, and it does seem to be going away again (sort of). What I am truly wondering is how I acquired this virus/fungus… Was it all of those years bartending, immersing my hands in tainted water, washing glasses used by hap-hazzard scum of the earth, or was it one of the fuck-slut women I happened to hook up with (they’re all sluts by the way). Whatfuckingever

  65. jo Says:

    I like monkeys !

  66. jo Says:

    i really do

  67. john Says:

    Interesting site. All I want to know is whether what I have is a seed wart! It’s on the back of my left shoulder–or on the upper left back. It’s flat, and crusty. About the size of a b-b if it was flattened. And…my spouse says it has little black dots, which I assume are seeds….and it started as several black dots, became one black dot, and is now several dots again. it’s a skin pink color, and the skin around it is redder. Does this sound like a seed wart??

  68. Dash Riprock Says:

    I am going to try it on my genital warts. At the least the tape out to stop it from spreading more.

    Wish me luck!

  69. Gene Says:

    i must thank everyone who has posted here!

    i found this site back on 9/2/04, just as i was making a dermatologist appt ($50 copay!) to have a bb-sized, ugly-ass purple-y wart removed FROM THE END OF MY NOSE! this little nugget of joy started as a small bump in march, and over 6 months became a lovely addition to my face (“hey, you have food on your nose”…um, no, that’s my new friend). i read all the posts, even the non-sensical ones, and first and foremost, i enjoyed the sense that i was not alone in this affliction. although skeptical, i was willing to try the duct tape…as my dermatologist appt was not until 9/27/04.

    well, poor suckers never got my co-pay! within 2 weeks, the wart had reduced by 75%. i used both duct tape and a dermaplast that is supposed to relieve topical pain. regardless what you use, i think it just needs to be sticky. i was so happy with the results, i would gladly walk in public with a metallic grey or bright white spot on the tip of my nose. hell, i’d been walking around for a good 2 months with a huge wart on the end of it, so a little dot was no added humiliation. but for all those with face or hand warts, i also recommend that you switch to a “daywear” treatment: at night, i would go for industrial duct tape or dermaplast, but if going out in public, i would cut up the adhesive part of a band-aid. same stickiness, less obvious.

    in less than 2 months, it is almost completely gone. for the past 3 weeks, i’ve been using the dermaplast while sleeping only. in my experience, it helps to change the tape/adhesive every day (along with a good scrubbing/exfoliation/etc.).

    so thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share their story. the tape works!

    i only wish i had known about this 20 years ago when i was plagued with plantar warts, which were painfully frozen and carved and lazered and acided away…to no avail. eventually, they just went away on their own (yeah…if you consider a stint in jr. high and 2 years in college “eventually”…luckily, no recurrence).

    i’m telling everyone i know about this tape thing. try it, you’ll love it!

    no pain, no mess, and no money!

    very happy i stumbled here. xx, g.

  70. Ian Says:

    Two things:
    1st, John, poster of October 14th, I am certainly no doctor but what you are describing does not sound much like warts I am familier with – just in case maybe you shuould see a doctor in case it is some sort of skin melonoma or someting.

    2) I have been working on a plantar wart on my foot for several months now. It had grown to create a ‘dead zone’ callous like area on the ball of my foot over an inch in diameter with a black-spotted ‘core’ center about about 3/8″ round. Squeezing this big area was very painful, though walking really was not. It felt a bit like an iceburg, with just the tip showing.

    For about three months I tried freezing it with home freezing treatment every two weeks. I used pointy tweezers and a box-cutter razor knife (no air travel!) to pick away the excess dead material and expose the ‘core’ before each treatment. The wart just got gradually worse. I probably helped it grow by spreading the virus to the perimiter tissue when I picked away not-quite-dead tissue and the freeze absolutly never seemed to ever get deep enough to really kill the root. Scar tissue was begining to build up around the wart and making walking worse and I thought I might permentaly have scar tissue there!

    I found this site and began using a combination of ‘DuoFilm’ 17% salicylic acid and duct tape about five weeks ago. I tried to get sulfer powder but did not find any at my pharmacist. The result seems to be slow but steady progress. The progress got slower when I switched to my wifes ‘clothing’ duct tape, which did not seem near as sticky as my roll of industrial duct tape. I am back to the sticky stuff.

    The overall effected area has shrunk a lot – even though it seems sort of like a reverse mushroom gradually surfacing. During the first week, all the extended dead skin around the wart (from the freezing process) turned white and finally just scrubbed off, leaving much less of a raised area and making walking more comfortable. Next there was about a three week period where there seemed to be slow but steady progress of the core (3/16″ diameter circle) dying away. Sometimes small ‘chunks’ of dead core would scrub out. Now, for the past week, it seems like a much larger (1/4″ to 1/2″ diameter oval) core then I ever realized existed is slowly surfacing and scrubbing away. The main center just started bleeding a little when scrubbed with a pumice stone and looks ugly but I can see live wart material each time I scrub (daily) which is always dead by the next day.

    I must now start soaking the pumice stone in alcohol to ensure that it does not pick up virus in its pores and spread it further during scrubbing.

    It seems the wart itself continually ‘rises out’ of my foot as after each scrubbing it is pretty flush with skin level and by the next morining it is a very slightly raised bump. Even though I am talking very small daily changes, you can definatly see a difference by every third day or so.

    Hopefully, the ‘bottom’ of this #$@!! thing will ‘surface’ and scrub off within the next two weeks or so. The generally effected area and the tenderness around the wart seems have diminished dramatically over the last week, even though the wart itself seems to be more tender when scrubbed. I believe these effects to be a result of healthy skin growth around the wart and irritation in the immediate proximity to the now-shallower wart itself.

    Bottom line is that the freezing was a waste of time and that a combination of duct tape, sticker the better, coupled with acid treatment and daily scrubbing of the dead stuff with a pumice stone seems to make slow but steady progress.

    – Ian

  71. G Says:

    Do not use duct tape. I tried it and not only did it not work. It irritated my skin to the point that I got a staff infection and had to get it lanced and go on antibiotics. The doctor scraped wart and I have been applying some vitamin e to it. I told the doctor I would rather try vitamin e or tea tree oil before I let him cut freeze or burn it.

  72. Meaghan Says:

    I started off with one plantar wart on the side of my big toe, on my left foot. I didn’t care too much about it at first, because it was barely noticeable. But it got bigger and uglier. Anyway, I’ve had the thing frozen numerous times with the nitrogen, and it might take care of it temporarily, but it always comes back. Now, in that same spot, I have a cluster of about 5 warts. Plus it’s spread to other parts of my foot, and the other foot, too.

    Only once was a wart successfully removed with the freezing technique. I’ve had several warts that were supposedly removed successfully, but they always come back.

    Anyway, I recently started putting those compound w strips on my warts. The first package I bought was CVS brand, and the second was compound w. The compound w came in a large disk, and removed a lot of healthy skin around the area, and was starting to make a hole in my foot, with the wart tissue raised out of the sunken plateau. I figured now I would try the duct tape thing.

    I’ve also tried a cream solution that was prescribed to me by my podiatrist, and that didn’t work at all! It was some kind of cream that’s used for radiation treatment… or something like that.

  73. Janica Says:

    I had a wart on my elbow and I got it frozen off twice and it came back even worse both times. So I got it burned off and now there is a large and very unattractive scar because of it. It is a scar that is not flat because it is on an area that moves a lot. Does anyone know how I can flatten this or reduce the redness? I am going to see a doctor today but I have a feeling he won’t be able to do anything.

  74. R... Says:

    I have a nasty wart on the side of my right index finger. Ive tried compound W, duct tape, burning, liquid nitro, battery acid, carb cleaner, diesel fuel , wire brush, coat hangers, drill bits, leaches, fire ants, and just plain harsh language. Nothing works. Ive had this sucker for 20 years now. Its roots are now into my knuckle joint. Im convinced that some warts are an evil manitous that manifest into painful lumps on our skin.

  75. knuckle warty man Says:

    Well dude i got the same problem my wart is on the knuckle of my right index finger its been on my finger for 1 year i go to school so if someones sitting right next to me and they see me writing with this wart on my finger … well you know what would happen hehe.Im gonna try this duct tape trick and see what happens .. I HOPE IT WORKS no pain right please.

  76. wart on my paw Says:

    the sal3 soap foot wash, duct tape , sulfur powder way worked for me.

    there’s a guy called rr22 that has a webpage with pictures.

    go to a search site like google or msn or yahoo and type in-
    rr22 sal3 duct tape wart – to find it.

  77. Dave Says:

    I’ve got some kind of freaking thing on my cock shaft, it’s like an ulcer with teh crater ring of gristly skin with this thing at the bottom of it which is about an inch-long white vein. Any ideas what this is?

  78. mark Says:

    i used to have a wart on my finger, and bunch of little ones on my foot. got em burned, didnt really do anything. but i tried duct tape, and they are both gone. on my finger the nail is still a little disformed, but nothing visible at all. and my foot is basically clean. duct tape works. it just might take a little time.

  79. cindy Says:

    hey i’ve got a cluster of warts on the bottom of my big and ‘pointer’ toes. i think they are plantars but they itch too… do you think they are? i’ think i’ll try the duct tape thing if i can get it to cover my toes

  80. Khat Says:

    I know this works on warts. Does anyone know if this works on moles too?

  81. anonymous Says:

    how do you remove the wart, do you just apply the duct tape and leave it or is there more to do. and does it hurt at all?

  82. march Says:

    I also have a cluster of warts on my big toe which has been slowly expanding over the last 7 years. Open toed sandals are but a fond memory! After nothing else worked, I tried to resign myself to living with them but now I have renewed hope in reading this site! For 3 days I have been using duct tape along with a vitamin C paste (crushed the pills with some water) and already I am noticing some results! The skin seems to be softening and peeling a little. I’ve been using a pumos stone to smooth away the rough skin. The vitamin C seems to “burn” the skin down (you can espeically feel it if it touches the healthy skin nearby) and the tape seems to soften and suffocate the wart skin. So far it seems to be a good combination. Some of the smallest newest warts look nearly defeated already! I’ll write again with a later update.

  83. anonymous Says:

    Is it true that if you use duct tape you also have to scrape it off and it will bleed?

  84. march Says:

    Personally I am not sure yet as I only have justed started it but from what I read, you continue to use the tape after the surface (callous) skin is gone and then continue to tape and scrub (not “scrape”) with the pumos stone so that the internal part of the wart begins to rise to the surface and eventually the internal part of the wart is “uprooted” leaving new skin to heal over. I’ve heard that some bleed but it probably depends on how aggresively you scrub.

  85. kelly2085 Says:

    I just went to the drug store and bought 3m brand duct tape to apply to my 5 year old son’s several plantar warts. First I applied a salicylic acid tx and then tried to cut the duct tape in pieces just to fit over each wart but the duct tape just keeps falling off? Nobody else has mentioned this happening to them. How do I make it stay on?!

  86. mayday Says:

    i’ve tried all the treatments: freezing, duct tape, salcycic acid, tea tree oil, etc.

    they’ve made the wart smaller, but not much more. i’ve found one called cantherone plus which uses some blistering agent from a beetle to cause a HUGE blister to appear which will lift the wart up and also get your own immune system to go where the wart is and kill it.

  87. march Says:

    I have the same problem with the tape falling off. Unfortunately it’s not possible for me to put the tape only where the wart is. I’ve taped around my toe in order for it t stay on. The healthy skin nearby isn’t happy about it but I try to rotate the placement of it so that the good skin gets a chance to breathe. Hope that helps. Also make sure foot is very dry before apply the tape.

  88. anonymous Says:

    I am only 14 and i have AT LEAST 20 plantter warts on the bottom of my foot. My mom says i have to get rid of them or shell take me to get them burned off. My brother had it done 5 times and they had to end up CUTTING it out. I am a chhicken and im scared to death of needles and i hate being in pain does it really work? If i use duct tape with nail polish would it work quicker? and does either of those methods hurt?

  89. Javapitts Says:

    My son is autistic and has numerous warts on his hands that are spreading to other parts of his body knees, elbows and toes mostly. He won’t keep the duct tape on. Does anyone know if the nail polish worked I looked through all the posts and never saw if it did or not. The dermatologists all say they won’t put him out because warts are medically benign, I am worried about the spreading to his genital area. He is 12. Thank you in advance for your comments on this.

  90. smobey Says:

    I read the fingernail polish idea and got some. It seemed to work somewhat. But I also happened to have just gotten some Colloidal Silver from a health store to fight an infection. Since silver kills microorganisms on contact, I reasoned that it might work on worts. I sanded down the warts on my feet, applied some drops of silver and let dry. Then I covered them with fingernail polish. They were gone in two days! This after months of other treatments. You can get Collodial Silver or silver salve at Vitaglo online. Just search for Vitaglo, or any vitamin/health food store should carry it.

  91. snowchick7669 Says:

    wow! i’ve only been using this treatment for a few days, but i’ve already seen some pretty promising results.
    first…colloidal silver has been proven to cause argyria, which is when silver salts deposit in the skin, eyes, and internal organs, and can make your skin turn grey. it’s really not that safe to use a lot, so i’d recommend talking to a doctor before using it.
    for those of you that are having problems with the tape sticking to your foot…i’ve been working in the skiing/snowboarding industry for over 7 years, and like a lot of other people, i hold duct tape to a near godly level. one of the best things i’ve learned though, is that when it -20 and snowy, duct tape won’t stick as well…so you have to heat it up. if you run a flame on the glue side of the tape, it warms the glue and gets stickier. i’ve been using this tactic on my feet to help the duct tape stick. i know that the main point of the duct tape is to suffocate the virus, but i thought i read somewhere that the chemicals in the glue aggravated the virus, and when the virus started to “fight” the glue, the human immune system kicked in and kicked wart ass. so, by running the tape over a flame for a few seconds, you not only make it stickier, but the glue is softer and when you press the tape to the wart, you can actually see that it really completely surrounds, covers, and/or fills in any bumps/crevices or holes. i started doing this the second day since my duct tape fell off the first day, and since then…no problems!

  92. smobey Says:

    It’s a bit funny to think that one would be concerned about argyria, which would require massive amounts of silver ingested over a long period, on a page devoted to using duct tape as a cure for warts.
    I’m suggesting putting a drop of very dilute colloidal silver from a reputable source directly on your plantar wart. Of all the things you could put in or on your body, silver has much less impact than the acetone in fingernail polish or probably the elements in duct tape. As a very old and widely used, effective antibiotic, you would be missing out on a rather obvious microbe killer by being scared off by an extremely rare, and only cosmetic side effect. Try to imagine what would happen to you if you used much less safe antibiotics like those medically prescribed every day for years, like you’d have to do with silver to even come close to risking ANY problems.
    That said, it seems obvious that tape and/or polish with a few drops of siver for a few days would be more effective than without.
    A doctor is much more likely to agree with using silver than duct tape. And a doctor is much more likely to recommend an expensive, ineffective and perhaps painful treatment anyway. If doctors had a cure for warts, you wouldn’t be looking at this page.

  93. hjens56 Says:

    First of all, I’d like to put my input in for the colloidal silver. I admit that I don’t really know what it does as far as healing or side effects. But, regardless of possible side effects, even if it is an effective antibiotic, it is not likely that it would be effective against warts. Warts are caused by a virus rather than bacteria, which means that the anti-microbial effects of the silver or any other antibiotic would not be seen. This is the same reason that there is no effective non-vaccine cure for the flu.

    Moving on to the duct tape discussion, I have decided to try the duct tape on a wart that I have on my finger. I want to try a method that was apparently proven to work in some medical study somewhere (although I cant find it). I will keep posting every few days to update you on any progress seen.

    I am a white 21 year old male in otherwise good health and only recently began to get warts. I have had a plantars wart, which I ended up cutting out of my own foot after liquid nitrogen failed to work. This succeeded at getting rid of the wart; but I don’t recommend this, as it was rather painful, left a scar, and I found out later is a good way to make the wart spread. I also had a filliform wart beneath my eye, which was easily removed through one liquid nitrogen treatment.

    The wart I now have is a common wart on the top of the base of my ring finger. It has a diameter of approximately 5mm and a height of about 2mm. I noticed it starting to grow about a month ago and have so far left it untreated, except for my picking at it. (Again, not recommended, as it can spread the wart, is a bit painful, and is ineffective at removal.)

    I will be placing a piece of duct tape slightly larger than the wart itself over the wart for a period of 6 days. After the 6 days, I will remove the duct tape, soak the wart in water for 10 minutes, and file the wart down with either an emory board, pumice stone, or some kind of file (haven’t decided yet.) Then I will repeat the process, until either the wart is gone or I am satisfied that the duct tape will not work.

    Through this process, I hope to first remove the wart, and next provide a clear empirical example of whether or not this method is effective at wart removal.

  94. silver Says:

    Silver is antiviral. In lab tests, “all fungus, virii, bacterium, streptococcus, staphylococcus, and other pathogenic organisms are killed in three or four minutes. In fact, there is no microbe known that is not killed by colloidal silver in six minutes or less in a dilution as little as five parts per million.” says Dr. Henry Crooks — Research scientist Dr. Gary Smith reports that he has noticed a correlation between low silver levels, sickness and immune deficiency. He found people who have low silver levels tend to be frequently sick and to have innumerable colds, flu’s, fevers, and other illnesses —

    silver is a second immune system and aids in natural healing, so it should probably be very useful for HPV – warts.

    Colloidal silver is perfectly safe, it’s other types of silver solutions where the molecules are large that may cause the skin turning grey! That is the type of silver solution of the 1920s. Colloidal is modern day silver and no one is going to ever turn grey from it! LOL.

    You can take colloidal silver internally to help your body fight off your wart, and dab it on externally. I just realized this painful callus type thing on the inside of my little toe is a wart, so I’m treating it with silver, and oil of oregano starting tonight. Then using the emery board, and possibly also the duct tape. Better be gone in a few days!!

  95. chanda492002 Says:

    I have I guess warts on each foot heel.I have been having them for some years now.I ran across this website and I decided to try the duct tape.The first night I use the duct tape my the warts itch.That morning I took a peep and the warts both look white.I use to just shave them off with a foot scraper. But I would still be in pain when I walk on them .I also notice when I wear tennis shoes or I guess bascially the warts sweat they get soft.Most of the time they are hard and look ugly just like a dried patch of skin.Im so embrass to wear my slides or shoes due to this matter.These things are gross ugly.I will keep you all inform on how the duct tape works and the bathing and so on….so far I tell there is a itch when wearing the duct tape over the warts and theres a sweat to the warts also.

  96. chanda492002 Says:

    well second day wearing the duct tape my wart turn white and kind of brown in the middle.I soaked them later that evening and scrape them with a foot scraper and the skin just pilled off.However I later put the duct tape back on and now instead of being yellow and white the warts are just white.But look like the skin growed back.Im gonna try dome dr scholls also.I heard that these warts are like boils almost and you have to get the core out.But Im not diggin.even after i shaved them the first day they started hurting.But when i put the duct tape back on the hurting later stop.

  97. dropkickme Says:

    i have a planters wart right now, i had athletes foot the past two summers(got it in the army) if your not queasy the best way to get rid of them is go to the pool, grab a 12 pack, swim for a few hours, and wait until the wart is white and moist(depriving it of oxygen and causing it to become soggy?) grab a razor, sterilize it, and go to work. i did this when i was 16(it was less than a six pack then) and the ones on my finger never came back. i’m guessing the “seed” needs to be removed, then it will go away, this caused me no pain but bravery is a must, cutting into your own skin just isnt some peoples thing. its kind of the same as the duct tape but faster. hope this helps, f*ck those warts up!

  98. jayglay Says:

    I got plantar warts from my housemate. She gets them regularly but hers seem to respond quite well to Compound-W. She gave the warts to me (via the shower) and mine not only refuse to respond to OTC treatment but they are multiplying like mad. It’s like a cancer on my foot. And now its spread to the other foot!!

    I read about depriving them of oxygen but couldn’t get the duct tape to stay on my foot (I guess I have especially sweaty and moist feet?) so I tried coating with Super Glue hoping for the same end result. That didn’t work, so last night I tried applying the duct tape WITH super glue. Tape is staying on better, but not great. Some spots have fallen off. I bought some sulphur soap so tonight will soak, wash with sulphur, pumice, glue, cover with tape. Same tomorrow and next and next, etc. Hopefully will see some results within a week. If not, I may try nail polish. I’ll definitely post my results here.

    Thanks for all the info!

  99. jayglay Says:

    Ok, so after reading all these posts, and countless attempts at getting the duct tape to stay on my apparently too sweaty and moist feet, I combined methods. Nail polish. Let it dry. Then superglue the duct tape to the nailpolished spot. So far so good. It stayed on through a run this morning (socks and sneakers) AND a shower. If this doesn’t suffocate these mofos, then I dont know what will. Will post results as they occur.

    Wish me luck!

  100. MoJoe Says:

    What about my left nut? All of you complain of such mundane body parts, e.g. faces, fingers, arms, etc.

    I have a tag wart on my left nut. I want to put the thing off. I have tried to (half hardedly) and it hurts as if I did make some progress – like a paper cut.

    Now, do I put duct tape on my nut and, if so, do I go up and done to spare my right one or do I go from left to right? Think about the ramifications as you pull it off! Could I lose body parts or functionality? Does duct tape stick to hair?

    For those complaining of roots in their warts, if there is one I will die. And what happens if skin comes off. There’s not much there.

    Any recomendations about using a pumice stone? I just don’t see how it will work at that location.

    I’m not planning on putting duct tape on my nut anytime soon so you can take your time in responding.

  101. ByGosh Says:

    I read rr22’s method and decided to try it for myself. IT WORKS!


    NOW IT’S GONE. there is no way I can say enuff about how much better my life is.

    it took about 2 months and defintely use a pumice stone to keep it smooth. also try that stick stuff Mr Wart is what its called. they sell it too, and it helped make it bye faster. You got to stay on it daily.

    first read the guys way, go to google and type in – SAL3 rr22 plantar wart -for the link. I ordered the stuff on the link page to the sulphur soap place, and when you get to the order page, look at the mr wart stick too.

    rr22 thank you for that, ##########!

  102. cdw832 Says:

    Just wanted to share with everyone how the duct tape works….it is really pretty cool. My sister told me about this treatment…she is an internist…and it worked really well for my 12 year old son who had three warts.

    The virus that causes warts actually “hides” from your body’s natural immune system. This means the cells that normally cruise through your body looking for bad bug intruders can’t see the virus and therefore doesn’t launch an attack to kill it. The sticky stuff on the duct tape, when placed over the wart, creates a constant irritation to the wart area which causes inflammation to the area (not enough to bother you but enough to alert your immune system to go check it out). When the immune cells show up, the irritation basically allows them to recognize the wart virus as an intruder and then they do what they do best….kill it.

    The AWESOME part of this is that once your immune cells recognize the wart they will automatically go kill ALL THE OTHER WARTS on your body without you having to put the duct tape on the other warts! No doctor can do that! You see, the cells now know how to recognize the virus as a bad bug and no matter where it is in the body they will seek and destroy. In addition, if the same virus shows up again because you didnt where your flip flops in the dorm shower you will be immune and won’t get them. That is the beauty of your bodies natural immune system…pretty cool huh?

    By the way, my son had one wart on his arm and one on each leg. We treated the one on his arm and just like my sister told me….the other two disappeared at the same time!

  103. cdw832 Says:

    For those having problems keeping the duct tape on! I had the same problem with my 12 year old son. Cut the duct tape just big enough to put it on whichever wart is the easiest to get to….see my other post about this….you ONLY HAVE TO COVER ONE WART to get them all to go away. Your body does the rest. So find one easiest wart to get to. Get the piece of duct tape and put it over the wart then buy yourself various sizes of band aids…..but not just ANY bandaid….get the waterproof kind. Use the band aid to hold the duct tape in place. I think I tried a couple of kinds and Nexcare waterproof one’s worked best…I got one about three inches long and an inch wide and they even have some for joint areas like elbows and fingers. The waterproof kind (and the bigger the better) will help you keep the duct tape in contact with the wart despite the sweat. Change it out everyday if you need to but keep the duct tape on at all times. Stick with it because it works and remember…you just have to get to one wart and the rest will follow…that is how your body works…once it recognizes the virus it will seek and destroy the rest.

  104. bal246 Says:

    this method really does work. i’m a swimmer so walking around the pool deck i got warts. ive had them since i was 8 (im now 17) and ive tried everything. getting them burned (very painful) over the counter treatments (very expensive) garlic cloves, nailpolish, and just about anything else you can imagine.
    this method is the easiest and cheapest and not painful at all.
    just put the duct tape on the wart, leave it for a few days. take it off. rub with a pumice stone, and if it doenst all fall off, re apply the tape!
    i started last week, and 4 warts are completely gone and the rest have diminished significantly in size

  105. neom3x11 Says:

    cdw832, where did you hear about the body recognizing the virus? Or can anybody else substantiate the concept of duct taping one wart causing other warts to disappear? That would be amazing, because I have some warts on my fingers and feet I can treat, but I think I also have a flat wart on my face in a prominent area that I am very, very hesitant to treat.

  106. cal310 Says:

    I used to get warts and I’ve tried just about everything to remove them including costly dermatologist visits where they would freeze them with liquid nitrogen or try cutting them off with a surgical knife. All to no avail. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve personally chopped the tops off my warts with nail clippers, bleeding all over thinking that maybe it will go away somehow.

    Yes, there are many home remedies like salicylic acid, garlic, nailpolish, duct tape, blood root, to name a few. Sure they are cheap solutions, and are somewhat effective. But who wants to have duct tape stuck to their skin for 2 months and who wants to apply a liquid that may or may not work every day for weeks? After a while, all this can become quite time consuming or costly or perhaps both!

    I decided to do some research of my own, thinking that there has got to be a better solution. Sure enough, I found a company called Pristine Herbal Touch with a claim almost too good to be true. They have an all natural product called Wart Mole Vanish developed in asia, which claims to remove most warts, moles, skin tags, and syringoma all in ONE application in 20 minutes. All you have to do is prepare the wart and apply the cream. It stings a little, apparently because it naturally cauterizes the wart. After about 20 minutes it turns black and then a scab forms a little later. The scab fell off in about a week and a half and all that was left was a slight pink spot which went away in another week.

    Their website is http://www.wartmolevanish.com for those interested. I think it’s an amazing product and I recommend it to ANYBODY.

    I just wanted to spare you all the time and frustration that I went through so that you could benefit from my experience. Hope this helps.

  107. K-mAn Says:

    Hi people, as i can see were all suffering. I have this planter wart that has gone horrible. At first i thought it was a calest so i start to scrap it off, but then it bled and hurt like a B*tch. As it got bigger i didnt no what it was since u know this was my first one. My mom bought me Compound W Wart Remover and its NOT WORKING!!! I had this wart for about 2 months and as a skateboard ITS NOT GOOD. I read that duct tape works good. Im going to try it and ill get back to you guys soon. THIS PLANTER WART HAS TOO GOOO!!!!!!!

  108. sync Says:

    In regards to the comment about duct tape on one wart causing all warts to dissapear, I found a reference to the ability for the immune system to be conditioned to eliminate warts throughout the body. The web page at http://www.aafp.org/afp/20050815/647.html has a section on “interlesional immunotherapy” that indicates it is possible to generate a hypersensitivity reaction that increases the bodys ability to recognize HPV. They don’t use duct tape here (actually, they use Candida skin test antigen) but it suggests a possible explanation for the effect. It doesn’t look like duct tape would be absolutely guaranteed to produce this effect but may certainly be capable of it in some people.

  109. UnDeRcOvEr AnGeL Says:

    yeah, i’ve had a wart on my thumb for about 9 months now. it really grosses my boyfriend out. about a week ago he told me if i put duct tape on it for a week it will fall off…so i googled it. it took me here. so i just put some duct tape on it. i hope it works. =]

  110. dre-22 Says:

    I tried removing a wart with a razor but it came back with a vengeance. However, I successfully shrunk the wart on the tip of my finger by using Superglue (duct tape kept falling off so I had to try something more convenient!). I had to add more glue every 2 – 4 days because it cracked, & I razored or filed off the dry skin at the top of the wart once a week (being careful not to overdo it & leave the wart raw or bleeding) then put a new layer of glue on. The wart was gone in about 4 weeks.

  111. bobwhite Says:

    I had a wart on one of my fingers that was really annoying as it scraped on things frequently.
    I bit it off by biting it just through the crusty wart skin all around, but not through the insides of the wart, and then pulled it out with my teeth. The “root” was cone shaped like a waffle cone from Baskin-Robbins.
    I flooded the hole where the wart had been with rubbing alcohol (to prevent bacterial infection – I don’t think isopropanol is effective on viruses).
    I kept the hole open until it filled in from the bottom.
    There is no visible scar and the wart has never reappeared.
    I have bitten other warts off my hands with varying results. Most did not come back; some reappeared but gnawing them off got rid of them permanently. I have no warts except the next:
    Genital warts are a real annoyance. Newton’s “Warts” seems to be making headway.
    According to Social Medicine the kind of genital HPVs that produce visible warts are not associated with cancer. Some other viruses that are of the same class as HPVs but do not produce visible papillomas (warts) are associated with various cancers, including cervical (certain HPVs are closely associated with cervical cancer) and the rare penile cancers.
    Visible warts can cause a lot of trouble by chafing and scratching. Penile warts can scratch the lining of the vagina, and vaginal warts can scratch the penis. No fun.
    I suspect it was chafing that allowed the HPV to infect my penis in the first place. Pubic hair around her vagina got caught and pulled in, which caused the chafed place on my penis. Though HPVs (and other viruses) can penetrate the unbroken skin, irritated places make it easier for viruses to enter.

  112. thecalypsogirl Says:

    so basically ive had this wart on my left pointer finger for about 3 months. its right where the nail cuticle area is and ive been picking at it. now it’s just raw and i can see the insides of it and its not pretty. do i still use duct tape?

    do you think combining duct tape and nail polish remover will be more effective?

  113. paelana1 Says:

    I’m a fairly impatient man. After reading several posts, I,ve decided to have a go at cutting out the wart on the palm of my hand with a pair of clean, sharp, fingernail clippers. I just couldnt bear the thought of waiting weeks for results. It’s been a bit of a bloody mess, but I feel good about cutting away at the thing. I,ve tried cutting away the surface of the wart in the past, but it always came back. This time I really dug deep and pulled out the roots. I’m considering another drastic move too; I may fill in the hole with super glue, That will be sure to suffocate any remains of the little bugger. I’ll post on the status of this later.

  114. dieselmaster Says:

    I recently got cryosurgery for a wart on my right knuckle that’s been there for 3+ years (if more). It was pretty deep so the doc sprayed alot of liquid nitro onto it, and a HUGE blister (diameter slightly over 1 inch) formed and kept growing after a week so I had to get it drained.

    It took another week to completely dry up, and two weeks for the dead skin to fall off… except that the wart’s still barely there. The entire ordeal lasted well over a month and I’m trying the duct tape now that I see the wart returning.

    I vaguely recall having a planar wart on the bottom of my right foot when I was very young and being an adventurous kid, I took a tweezer and firmly yanked the wart, root included, right out of the socket… sounds nasty but it was really satisfying. There was a huge hole there that took some time to fill up. I remember putting transparent tape over it to cover the hole. I also helped my brother get rid of his wart the same way, but he did have some bleeding. This may work for some individuals with warts on the palms of their hand feet, hope this helps.

  115. meme Says:

    I have an awful seed wart on my foot. Since i do ballet i have blisters all the time so like a normal blister i tried to pop it but it just bled every ware. finally I found out that it was a seed wart (It hurts really bad in point shoes). I have been trying to remove it ever since using a ‘wart stick’ but it hasn’t seemed to work.

    Now i think i will try the nail polish with some duck tape on the top. (if there are any ideas why this wouldn’t work or if i didn’t need to do both, I would love to hear from about it)

  116. kenlan Says:

    I bought a Wartabater. It’s an electronic wart remover. It removed all mine in one go. It was completely successful.

    (bought it at http://www.wartabater.com)

  117. ArAssistant Says:

    Glad to find this site. I have a HUGE wart on my left heel. It started with what I thought was a callous. I pumiced it and picked at it and it just got bigger. Eventually, it started to hurt when I walked on it sometimes and it progressed to hurting whenever I put pressure on it. I went to the podiatrist who said it is a big planters wart and that he wants to try to shrink it before we attempt an invasive removal (?!) So he perscribes Advera cream and instructed me to rub in the cream after showering each morning and then cover it with duct tape. He said to do this everyday. I am now 3+ weeks into this treatment. I find that at times, the wart stings. I am OK with it if it means the bugger is leaving!! Anyway, I noticed that after a day or two the wart became white and looked wart-ish, unlike the way it looked before. Today, 3+ weeks into treatment, I took off the tape to shower and the wart is crater-looking with black dots all over it!!! AAUUGGHH!!! I look disgusting…thank goodness it is on my heel and it is covered. I am thinking about taking the tape off and pumicing it after reading all this thread. Maybe it will “pull” the black out, which, I am assuming, is the roots? Ew!!! This is my first experience with this and it makes me nervous.

    By the way, I had problems keeping duct tape on as well, as it is on the bottom, outside edge of my left heel. What solved this for me is I bought waterproof bandage adhesive tape (the white stuff that comes in a roll next to band aids?) Anyway, I put the duct tape on the wart then I place a strip of bandage adhesive on each side of the duct tape. It holds it down and I have had no more problems of the duct tape coming off and I even wear slide shoes occasionally.

    One other thing: mine still hurts like a booger whenever I put pressure on it. Since using the prescription cream, it seems to be swelling-like. I bought some shoe insoles, the ones that are just for your heel, and I cut away the part where the wart is. It REALLY helped me to be able to walk on it almost normally! That is good since I am afraid that walking on my toes on my left foot for this long will mess up my hips or something!!
    I’ll let you know what happens.

    By the way, my podiatrist told me that, yes, it is a virus that hides in the layers of skin and my body does not recognize it as a virus. He said that the advera cream forces my bodies immune system to recognize and attack it. He said that the duct tape merely seals off the area so that the cream stays in place and is not absorbed onto a band aid or the like. After reading this thread, I am hoping that the duct tape does more than that and I am double whamming it with the cream and duct tape!

    I think that I am going to pumice it now….and I am going to soak the stone in alcohol before and after pumicing to hopefully prevent spreading the virus through the stone!

  118. ArAssistant Says:

    One other thing: I tried to go to the website that many people mentioned. It is the one that supposedly has pictures on it? rr22 or something? Anway, the page has been deleted and is no longer avalible. I wish it was around still because I would sure like to see pictures to make sure mine is actually healing!!! I go back to the podiatrist next week and I am not keen on invasive procedures….

  119. xchloex1 Says:

    What is the nail varnish trick?? As the duct tape keeps falling of..my wart..well i have no idea wt type it is etc..but its disgusting and on the top of ma foot..i have covered it away since the end of the summer..and its starting to annoy me as i have made up so many lies about it! I have cut it of, burnt it of, been to the doctors and nothing bloody works.so now im trying all these weird method..i just put loads of nail varish..clear of course..on it..hoping this will work..the duct tape i reckon would work but i can get it to bloody stay on and i shower like twice aday so theres no chance it will stay on during them!! I might try the old irish trick..rub raw bacon on it then burry it in the garden lol!

    But yeah.someone tell me more about the nail varnish thing??
    Also how did the duct tape stay on your foot for such a long period of time..i cant get it to stay on for an hour!..

  120. johnn Says:

    funny you say that nothing “bloody” works, because that is exactly what you need to do to remove the wart: Get bloody.

    Duck tape works the same as acid, freeze or nail polish. The burn off the skin to get to the roots, but they do not remove the roots. You will have to dig the roots out yourself with something sharp. There will be blood.

    Of course you could keep trying stuff that doesn’t work. Would you rather have months agonizing over remedies that don’t work or five minutes of agonizing pain?

    I’ve read these posts above and they’re a bunch of BS. I’ve done everything at the same time and I always arrive at the same place: The roots.

  121. ItsMee Says:

    HI, im 17 and when i was like… 5 ish i had a wart on my knee [of all places] and i lived with it until i was about 12 or 13. then i finally cryed untill my dad got it frozen off…lol… well like the people before me, this HURT LIKE A BITCH but it worked….. about 7 months ago i found nother wart but it was on the side of my left big toe….. and it MULTIPLIED!!!!
    i was in utter shock, so i looked it up and found out it was probably a common wart and that most warts are actually CONTAGIOUS!!! can u believe it, warts are mildly contagious but i also heeard that they go away after a while… well 8 years is too long for me to wait… i like flip flops… i think i get how to do this ducktape thing…
    Wish me luck =D

    PS….. i also found out that most people either have an imunity to warts, or get imune to them after having one……. ITS A LIE!![for me at least]
    i counted more than 11 on my big toe and now i have another on my pinky toe….. this PISSES ME OFF!!! why do i have to be an exeption to the rule, huh? w/e lol

    PSS….. i have a real laugh read all those messages before me, took me a while to get through them but i managed. most of you had some interesting information aand u cheared me up a bit from my delema, THANK YOU!

  122. stupidwarts Says:

    i must have a crazy tolerance for pain because i went to my dermatologist to have my warts freezed once every 2 weeks for like almost 2 years. i had them on my fingers and on my feet. all of them eventually did go away with freezing, but like most of the people who have posted, they come back. guess i’m somewhat lucky because only the biggest one (the first one i ever got) came back recently. i was “wart-free” for a good few months so i’m not complaining. i think i’ll try the nail-polish method and duct-tape method on this one stubborn wart which won’t go away unlike the others. i’ll keep everyone posted…

  123. ELAINE Says:


    i have flat warts all over my face and body. recently read that burning them with a match stick would work. i tried it on body last night but my skin flared up and now the warts look larger than they were. does anyone know if this is normal?

  124. DrDeath Says:

    The virus infects your epithelial cells when you scratch or cut your skin, so any remedy that causes you to bleed may cause more infection.

    You must deprive it of moisture, don’t get it wet, duct tape , nail polish, etc.

    Also, duct tape keeps the virus from rubbing all over your foot, spreading, taxing your immune system further, your body will only produce so many antigens, if they get used up fighting all the new infection, it can’t attack the already existing infection.

  125. jromeo024 Says:

    I have a wart on my knee. Didn’t know you could get one there but it’s there. I am trying a remedy i heard of when i was younger. Since filing at it and wearing duct tape don’t sound good to me(I am hairy, so would not be fun taking duct tape off.) And from what i’ve heard even doctors are not entirely successful at removal. From what i gather suffocation is key to killing the virus. So i am using wax to keep the area covered. Been about 14 hours. Feels like it’s working i’ll let you guys know. Either way it seems like a much easier way than the other methods i have seen.

  126. WartyWill Says:

    I can substantiate the theory advanced earlier about the body’s immune system response. I discovered it by accident 30 years ago.

    I was a teenager and developed a big wart at the cuticle of my thumb. It was rough looking with tiny black flecks in it. Over time it just spread over a wider area. Then to my horror, it spread to other fingers. At one point I had 5 warts, each on a different finger, each at the cuticle.

    People would notice them and I’d be very embarrassed. I had no idea how to get rid of them. I finally decided to deal with the problem by just hiding the biggest one (on my thumb), by putting a band aid over it.

    Every few days I had to change the band aid, of course. The skin underneath was always pink and wet. The skin on the wart was completely waterlogged and white. I hated the wart so much that I took the opportunity to clip away the dead white skin with cuticle clippers. I didn’t think it was having any impact, but it was satisfying to make it appear smaller . Then I’d put a new band aid on to cover it up again.

    After a few weeks, I noticed an unexpected “miracle”: When I removed the band-aid each time, the wart was smaller in diameter. I decided to keep up my course of “treatments”. If I could make the thumb wart go away, then I could apply my treatment to the other warts. I finally had some hope!

    And then something really strange happened. The warts on the other fingers each started getting smaller without any treatment at all. Finally, just a few weeks after I began the band-aid treament on my thumb, ALL of the warts were gone, even the ones that had received no treatment.

    It was always a mystery to me why the untreated warts went away on their own. It’s only now, 30 years later, that I come to this forum and read about the possibility that I provoked an immune response by essentially duct-taping my thumb wart. I think that must be what happened in my case.

    I’m now treating a plantars wart on my son’s foot the same way. Wish me luck!

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