Britney Brought to Bear Against Music Sharing

from the combined-Britney-AND-RIAA-story dept.

You knew it was coming, but in a new series of commercials, a number of artists with enormous record contracts — including our lass Britney — will be letting their fans know that music sharing is the same as stealing CDs. I think I’m actually more frightened of Britney pouting at her fans over music sharing than I am of all the RIAA lawsuits.

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    Well it seems little miss shake your butt and show your body has a problem with free stuff…….the music she has a problem with that? Why didn’t she have a problem being a total slut for free. Now that she has entertained and showed every man in AMERICA and beyond her stuff now she wants to whine…….I think she should pay all the women in the owrld for having to look at her stupid ass!!!!!

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