The Library of Moria

from the this-isn’t-a-mine;-it’s-a…-actually,-I-don’t-know-what-this-is dept.

Hard to know quite how to classify this one, but if you’re a fan of both Tolkien and wacky Web-based obsessions (and who isn’t?), it’s a must-see: The Library of Moria, where two self-described “youngish heterosexual women” present everything you ever wanted to know (and much, much more) about every possible homosexual pairing of the characters in the Lord of the Rings.

17 Responses to “The Library of Moria”

  1. Sera Says:

    I think it’s great actually.

  2. Nessa Says:

    It isn’t a JUST a mine… it’s a GOLD mine.

  3. Tinkerbell Says:

    It’s a wonderful thing actually, providing a lot more than what meets the eye. Gold Mine? Yes indeed.

  4. Milly Says:

    Apart from Marie running it alone at the moment and the fact that there are homo and hetro-sexual pairings I can only agree with the girls above. There are several brilliantly written stories at LoM. It’s not the only page you can go to for the purpose of finding such fics, but it’s surely one of the best. :)



  5. Dinen Glamor Says:

    It’s amazing! Go LoM!

  6. blue gold Says:

    Its an awesome place with great fics. I’ve seen many a brilliant work there.

  7. Iirima Jen Says:

    LoM rules. ’nuff said.

  8. Miriel Says:

    Totally agree. LoM is AWESOME. Every pairing you can imagine…

  9. Paraply Says:

    Must agree with everyone else… LoM RULES! Can’t argue with that…

  10. Acacia Says:

    I love LoM.

    It’s my haven.

  11. LeiLu Says:

    LoM is practically home.

    If you haven’t visited yet you are missing out!

  12. Avari Says:

    LoM is THE best site for Lord of the Rings fan fiction. I visit everyday.

  13. Shmadyle Says:

    Everything said above, plus this: is the picture of the straight jacket for me? Cause I have one at home already. :D

  14. Hurinwen Says:

    I mean, WOW, I’d never been to that site before, and BOY is that a whickedy whack site, i LOVE it, it’s very well done, honestly, go VISIT!!! It’s great, it’s … I have no words for it.

    Basically, GO GO GO!!!

  15. Ari Says:

    Library of Moria….Yay!

    I go there every day….mmmm gotta love that fiction ;)

  16. Galadriel Says:

    they have conventional stuff like legolas and arragorn, arwen/eowyn as well as really crazy

    out of the world stuff like balrog/witchking

    a muz visit site

  17. Audra Rose Says:

    Brilliant site. Check out The Breaking by Kiel. Completely fantastic in an angsty, Tolkien-esque, we-really-need-therapy kind of way.

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