Britney Starves Self, Blacks Out

from the wow.-just-like-Gandhi. dept.

Desperate to shed the pounds she’s packed on since breaking up with Justin, Britney Spears has apparently been on a veggies-and-water diet recently, causing her to collapse after a recent concert. Eat something, Britney! I don’t want your death on my conscience!

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  1. Kadeine Says:

    I think that Britney is starving herself because the music industry is forever changing and she doesn’t want to get left behind. With the media on your case everyday would’nt you want to look your best and do anything for that tight butt and flat tummy.

    I think everyone should leave Britney alone and let her make up her own mind on what and not to eat, it has nothing to do with us what she does in her own time and maybe if we left her alone she would just maybe love herself.

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