Bing Drops ‘Invasion of Privacy’ Suit Against Kerkorian

from the what-a-putz dept.

You may recall Steve Bing, the Hollywood producer who went to court to show he wasn’t the biological father of Elizabeth Hurley’s baby. (Turns out he actually was the baby’s dad, unfortunately for said baby.) Well, his name crossed my radar again, this time in connection with his dropping of a lawsuit he’d brought against MGM studio mogul Kirk Kerkorian, who Bing accused of invading his privacy by digging through his trash to find a sample of dental floss, with the accompanying biological material to have been used to establish that Bing, not Kerkorian, was the biological father of the 4-year-old daughter of Kerkorian’s ex-wife. Do I detect a pattern here? Sheesh; what a wanker.

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