Fired Coach Really Did Have Two Degrees

from the who-you-gonna-believe? dept.

Whoa. Tom Collen, you’ll remember, is that coach who was recently forced to resign a day after he was named as Vanderbilt’s new women’s basketball coach. Reporters had discovered that the resume from his previous job listed him as having two degrees, while the resume he submitted to Vanderbilt, and the transcript from his alma mater, Miami of Ohio, only listed one degree. The folks at Vanderbilt assumed this was evidence that Collen had lied in order to get his previous job, and ousted him on the basis of the supposed dishonesty. But it turns out now that he really did have two degrees all along; Miami of Ohio made a mistake on his transcript. Meanwhile, the people at Vanderbilt have hired a new head coach, and stand by their decision to replace Collen. “We’re going to be moving forward,” said Mike Schoenfeld, Vanderbilt’s vice chancellor for public relations. “We’re going to look like idiots either way, so we’d just as soon brazen it out and pretend we didn’t do anything wrong, rather than trying to correct our mistake.”

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