Britney Will Call Your Cellphone for $19.99

from the a-day-without-Britney-is-a-day-without…-Britney dept.

I really don’t know why Britney Spears has seeped so far into the consciousness, but there it is: I can’t help posting anything I see about Britney. Like this: an obsessed-fan package from your wireless provider that costs $19.99 and comes with a membership card, a decal, and three months’ worth of personal cellphone messages from the Goddess Herself describing everything she’s up to. I so want this, though I’m pretty sure I’d find it really, really stupid after the first couple of minutes. So I’ll just go on wanting it, which sounds way better to me, all things considered.

3 Responses to “Britney Will Call Your Cellphone for $19.99”

  1. amy Says:

    hey brittnay i want to say hey can u tell em ur cell phone number please

  2. george bush Says:

    Hey britany nice ass!

  3. george bush Says:

    oops did I say that outloud.

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