Dubya: 9/11 Could Not Have Been Prevented

from the doth-protest-too-much? dept.

In a speech delivered at the National Security Administration’s headquarters yesterday, President Bush acknowledged that the CIA and FBI had failed to share important intelligence about terrorist activities prior to 9/11. He continued, though, “I’ve seen no evidence today that said this country could have prevented the attack.” Guess he wants to leave himself some wiggle room, in case more evidence surfaces tomorrow. In the meantime, it sure seems like he’s handing his political opponents a big stick. “The President says global warming will cause great hardship, but gosh, there’s just nothing that can be done to stop it. He says terrorist attacks will cost thousands of innocent Americans their lives, but gee, there’s nothing we can do to prevent it. To that I can only say, perhaps it’s time we put another team on the field, one that is willing to fight on behalf of the American people, rather than conceding defeat before the contest has even been decided.”

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  1. Fellow American Says:

    This website is called lies.com, but gee, you think you guys are radically liberal? You bash the president of the United States, but gosh, you think its a simple cake recipe to protect every border of this great nation? A great European General once said, “he who defends everything defends nothing.” Even if we defend the country 99% of the time, the terrorist only needs that 1% to create a catastrophe like those on September 11. I’m not saying I particularly like Bush, but Jesus Christ, you can’t blame the guy for the tragedies that surfaced on 9/11…have a little respect for your Commander in Chief…thats all I have to say.


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