PETA Nonprofit Status Jeopardized By Payments To ‘Terrorist’ Organization

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a_stupid_box writes “I came across this story saying how PETA (yes, THAT PETA) is in danger of losing their nonprofit status. Why? Oh, they were just supporting eco-terrorism. PETA donations may no longer be tax-deductible pending a federal investigation. I’m all for treating animals humanely, but if hooking a monkey’s brain up to a car battery is going to let me live 50 years longer, I’ve got two things to say; red is positive, black is negative. PETA seems to value human rights less than animal rights in my honest opinion, so they’re getting no sympathy from me.” It’s actually a pretty interesting article, if slanted fairly heavily in the anti-PETA direction. Worth a read.

10 Responses to “PETA Nonprofit Status Jeopardized By Payments To ‘Terrorist’ Organization”

  1. Riptide Says:

    PETA is an organization that must be stomped out at all costs. At my school I am starting an anti-PETAgroup called JELLO. It stands for Just Eliminate Lying Losers Organization. We stamp out the evils that society has turned into something that appears good. Please join us in our fight against vegetarians, PETA and related groups, and those against GMOs.

  2. Vivisector Says:

    Uhmm hello people PETA does lie but there is something i have to admit they are right when it comes to testing on animals its INACCURATE. Im a scientist and I have done experiments on animals and animals bodies are different from humans. The tests are misleading and prevent the cure for diseases. Why do you think we have done 50 years of cancer research on animals and yet havent found the cure for cancer? Wake up people. Hooking a monkey to a battery will not find cures at all its just cruel science to make money. If you want 100% ACCURATE testing for the better of human kind then support Invitro testing not animals…grow up people and get the facts firsts, testing on animals is false. Its like saying “Hey I just injected clorox into a carrot, it didn’t die so its safe to test clorox on humans, the carrot didnt die so humans wont.” Im glad I quit the testing on animals and Invitro is much more accurate.

  3. Jeremy Says:

    I am posting this comment for two reasons: 1) PETA is the most self-righteous, hypocritical, and ill-educated organization on the planet. They are immoral, sponser terrorist activity such as destroying test facilities (in the form of paying for legal costs of defending perpetrators), and have been about the most sickening, inconsiderate, and irreverant organization in regards to the tragedy of 9/11. 2) This, however, is my main reason for posting this response. I have never had my intelligence insulted more than “Vivisector”‘s post where he or she claimed that he or she was a scientist. I am going to present many arguments as to why I think you are most likely 13-16 years old rather than a well educated scientist. Assuming Vivisector were a scientist testing on animals, he or she would have to be a member of the bio-medical field, therefore being a doctor. One does not graduate from medical school only to type a post on a random website leaving “i” uncapitalized, not including apostraphes in instances of possession and contractions, and using an ellipsis as a vocal delay. Additionally, I would like to point out that cancer reseach is actually well over one hundred and fifty years old (speaking of which his or her use of “50” is incorrect, all numbers should be written out.) Over this time, many hundreds and perhaps thousands of methods for curing/inhibiting/receeding cancer have been discovered. There is no cure for “cancer” dimwit, because there is no “cancer”. There is brain cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, etc. All of which are incredibly complicated and unique. There are cures for some and not for others. After all, how many fatalities are there for skin cancer compared to brain cancer, genius. Additionally, the whole hooking up a monkey brain to a car battery is something called a joke. People with a normal thought process and this concept called a sense of humor could understand that no scientist hooks up a car battery to a monkey’s brain. Tell me, how do you hook up battery terminals to a brain anyway? Lastly, I just want to bring to your attention a carrot is not an animal, as it is a member of the kingdom “plantae” while as animals are members of the kingdom “animalia.” In consequence, the clorox injected carrot would be vegetable testing rather than animal testing. So, in closing, I will reiterate: PETA is a piece of crap organization and Vivisector is retarded.

  4. Lee Says:

    PETA issues unresearched opinions in animal cruelty cases. A dog died in our neighborhood, and PETA got involved. They issued an inaccurate national press release and an unresearched opinion in our local paper. Their blind reaction caused a lot of pain for our family and our neighborhood. They served as an “enabling 800 lb. gorilla” to serve the ends of malicious bullies in our neighborhood. When shown evedence of this, they denied any responsability and refused to help right the wrong in which they participated. In this instance PETA was duped and then reacted like A-1 jerks.

  5. night heron Says:

    These PETA fools are always getting someone to do ads for them they are always having thier protesters running around in silly pig,cow and rat costumes and they even had a protester dressed in a rat costume carrying a sign reading RATS HAVE RIGHTS what a idiot let them tell this to someone who lives in a rat infesetd apartment in NYC and wait for a fat lip to be comming their way POW and PETA also opposes pet ownership calling it a form of slavery they are too darn brainwahed on overdoses of BORN FREE or FREE WILLIE and besides all those farrel animals would reek havok on native wildlife

  6. SmartAss Says:


  7. Kevin Hurst Says:

    I think this is awesome. I have a couple of friends who have recently joined PETA and it is so stupid. They say they don’t eat meat because a couple of places treat there slautered animals crulely.And I can understand I don’t like people like that either but the sterio-type it as if all places do that. Im part of the FFA at our school and It is rediculous how for Peta will go to do thing and emphasize abuse on cow and farm animals when they kill dogs, cats and domesticated animals how stupid do they get. If the JELLO Actually happens I want to be a member.

  8. Daria Says:

    If you lived in a cage (instead of the forest, the sky, or the ocean) and ate synthetic food in pellet form, you’d likely agree that pet ownership can be a form of slavery.

  9. sayitfast Says:

    Antibiotics, anaesthetics, vaccines, insulin for diabetes, open heart surgery, kidney dialysis and transplants, treatments for asthma, leukaemia and high blood pressure… these are just some of the major medical advances that have depended on the use of animals in medical research and testing.

  10. panasonic Says:

    i don’t agree with them putting down dogs and cats and things. And i love my pets, and they don’t seem to bothered to be acting as ‘slaves’. but i did see hundreds of abused (like bleeding and broken legs and stuff) donkeys when i was in spain and i wrote to them and found out that they took 63 into the local donkey sanctuary. so they’re not all bad. I mean i’m a vegan, and they’re great with stuff like that. but i don’t like what i’m hearing about all these dogs being put down :( is it true anyway?

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