Attack of the Clones Racist, Says Panel

from the in-a-reality-far,-far-away… dept.

a_stupid_box writes “I found this story via and read halfway through before I was so disgusted I had to stop. Remember, folks — these are ADULTS pointing this stuff out. It’d be SO amazing if those who are arguing for racial equality think for two hours and 22 minutes that someone ISN’T being racist…It must be frustrating for an actor/actress (don’t want to be sexist, after all) to get a part because they’re the best person for it, and then have to put up with all this crap about ulterior motives of their being cast because of their skin color.” Actually, I think the PC term for a gender-unknown member of the acting profession is just “actor.” Otherwise, though, I agree that the charges seem pretty over-the-top.

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