Research Demonstrates Precognition

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From WiredNews, via Hiro, comes this cool story about the Nature of Time workshop, currently being held in the Slovakian town of Tatranska Lomnica. The best part is at the end, where it describes an experiment conducted by Dick Bierman of the University of Amsterdam, in which test subjects exhibited a measurable physiological reaction several seconds before viewing a randomly displayed image – but only in cases when the image to be displayed was disturbing or sexually explicit. No reaction was seen prior to the display of benign images.

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  1. Jamie Says:

    I’m not sure how to state this so that it sounds crazy, but here goes. When I was working in a carpet mill, we had time to talk, read,smoke, eat, or whatever. Sometimes I would take my cards to work & read them for my friends. It was so amazing that I got it practically right on the nail head perfect. For example, they take 52 regular playing cards and shuffle them thinking the whole time about what they want the cards to answer. Then I have them hold them in their left hand, not touching the cards again with the right hand, and think about what they want the cards to answer. Then, I have them make 3 piles of them and then stack them back up in any order. They hand me the cards. I then draw one card horizontal in the center, then another card on top vertical, then another to the left of those and another to the right. This is their immediate past, present, and immediate future. One woman I read for was about her husband and another dark-haired woman, but that she was not a real threat to her marriage. Well, this turned out to be very true, and they are still together and living in Miami. But, sometimes when I read someones’ cards I get goose bumps, and when I think about the reading they get worse. Just a lot of things’ that has happened when I have done readings’ or picked up on feelings (mine & theirs’) that it has scared me sometimes. I’m just not sure what this classifies me as a precognitive or clairvoyant or what? Any help out there would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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