Douglas Police Dealing Drugs?

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A loyal reader, Shadowwalker, submitted the following story. I normally wouldn’t run something without a link, but in this case the story itself is interesting enough to serve as a nice break between my incessant Israeli-Palestinian postings. At least that’s what I decided. Follow the link below, or scroll down, to read the story itself, which, as near as I can tell, is a fictional account of nefarious goings on in the Douglas, Wyoming, police department, as reported by someone with truly atrocious spelling.

Douglas Wyoming police force is only putting the drug dealers away so they can take over the scene…..there has been many reports over looked about our police selling drugs on the streets meanwhile..telling everyone they are cleaning up this littel town…but i have found recorded copys of the mayor and certon police that shall remain to portect my well beeing. talking about there corrupt sceem to get richer it states..”we must gane more teritory for our dealing as to get more people to buy our meth,pot,and herion…the more power over the streets we have the safer it will be for our private interprizes”…then here is a statement as told by the govener…”we must becarfull as to getting the shipment in secret the cops will be safer if we monuver at night to retrieve the shipment..and at 5:30 the shit will beabel to hit the streets”…now here is another statement made by the cheif of police..”we must keep our business hush hush..and make sure there are no mistakes in the operations..we do not need any of our brothers going down for some extra money..oficerX..will be waiting at brownfeild road at reseve the kilos i want all of you to work together and watch eachothers backs..most of all we do not want the press,or the FEDS getting wind of will mean that we all will go down for this i want all of you to work together”….

this is all i can show you ..i will inform you all when i get some pictures of the dirty deeds that go undone by the bad boy police force and the corrupt govener..untill next time remmember trust no one…..



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  1. chris Says:

    Learn to spell before you ever post on another board again!

  2. Emil Grigorov Says:

    normal site like the others

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