Dubya’s Earth Day Imagery

from the day-late-and-a-dollar-short dept.

I realize Earth Day is so two days ago, but I can’t stop turning over the images in my head: dubya with an axe, dubya with a hammer, and wondering: is that really the message he wanted to send? I mean, most politicians try to plant a tree on Earth Day, not chop one down and turn it into tract housing. Yes, I realize that’s not what dubya was actually doing during the photo op; he was “building a trail” and “repairing a bridge,” but still, that’s the image he conveyed: Earth Day = dubya wielding an axe and hammer. And after mulling those images over for a while, I’m convinced that yup, that’s exactly the message he wanted to send. He was making a statement, aimed directly at Al Gore and his tree-hugging friends: conserve this, conservationists. So, while I disagree with the message, definite style points for dubya.

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