Christie Kerr Kisses Her… Trophy

from the no-comment dept.

From Yahoo News comes this interesting photograph of golfer Christie Kerr celebrating her first-ever win on the LPGA tour at the Longs Drug Challenge in Lincoln, CA, yesterday. I’m not saying anything. Update: Damn that Yahoo News. Don’t they know that URLs are sacrosanct? Anyway, here’s another (smaller) version of the same photo.

4 Responses to “Christie Kerr Kisses Her… Trophy”

  1. brett Says:

    did the pic of Christie Kerr get pulled from the net?

  2. John Callender Says:

    Yeah. Thanks for catching that. See the other link (added in the “update”, above) to see the photo in all its glory.

  3. david Says:

    I found a full-size copy of Christie Kerr’s picture at .

  4. josh Says:

    My site had the same copy too, you can scroll all the way down….over the past 2 days the top search engines lycos, google, yahoo…etc gave me 150 extra hits per day, thanks to the trophy kisser. HalfHonk & I are both one of the top sites for that photo (besides news/sports sites of course)

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