Attempt to Arrest Kissinger for War Crimes Fails

from the what-doesn’t-kill-you…-raises-your-speaking-fees dept.

In an interesting followup to the story I posted the other day (on how Henry Kissinger’s lies on Angola and Cuba have recently been exposed), a British activist has been denied in his bid to have a court issue a warrant for the arrest of Henry Kissinger. Kissinger, who is due to address a gathering in London’s Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday, was the chief architect of U.S. foreign policy during the period when the Nixon administration conducted indiscriminate bombing of civilian populations in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam; human rights activist Peter Tatchell says that’s a violation of the Geneva Convention, and wants Hank arrested. District Judge Nicholas Evans declined to act, however, saying Tatchell needed the backing of Britain’s Attorney General, something he currently lacks.

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