Anti-Nudity Effort Fails at Georgia College

from the don’t-look-now dept.

According to this story from Ananova, a campus group has failed in its effort to ban two nude scenes from a student play at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. The play is based on John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, and features one character (male) jumping naked into a pond and another character (female) breast-feeding a starving man. Rachel Brooker, head of the school’s anti-nudity campaign, vowed to fight on, saying, “If God had wanted us to see each other naked, we wouldn’t be born wearing clothes.”

10 Responses to “Anti-Nudity Effort Fails at Georgia College”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Whoa. I’m Rachel, and for 2 years, I’ve wanted to lessen nudity and sexual content from public places.
    I had no idea there wewe campaigns.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Whoa. I’m Rachel, and for 2 years, I’ve wanted to lessen nudity and sexual content from public places.
    I had no idea there were campaigns.

  3. bluemoon Says:

    i am surprized to see that some americans also have some shame and dignity left and they still care about not dishonouring their body for ‘free for all’ attitude…good rachel..carry on, i believe some people support u, atleast i do !

  4. Rachel Says:

    there is no shame or dignity and no dishonour for nudity in art. period.

  5. bluemoon Says:

    may be its cultural difference between ur world and my world, may be its something i faced and u didnt, a photograph with nude on it (eg. playboy),
    i call it porn made for men to shag on and u people call it art…Trasmission Complete

  6. Stan Says:

    There is no shame in nudity. The problem exists because people feel the need to hide their body, that in turn creates problems. That creates the “Wow” over the sight of any nudity. The more common it becomes the less of the wow factor.

  7. William Says:

    If nudity offends you that is a problem. The Bible clearly states that you should stab out your eyes, but leave me as God made me…nude. Quit trying to enforce your religious beliefs on me, Your shame is your burden and your decision. Your beliefs should not affect me and if you try to enforce your beliefs on me…Well, you allready see what has been happening in the middle east since the dawn of history. Most religions teach peace but most religious people miss that lesson. Seek your god a little more dilgently and quit believing the manipulators of your faith. I wish you peace and serenity, and quit being so uptight about these perfect creations we have been given to experience life.

  8. bluemoon Says:

    well well well…first thing, i am an athiest so f*** the god..i am not even christian and religion doesnt matter to me. but think, after seing a nude woman what does a guy think ?? all guys know it..they think nothing but having sex with that girl, which of course is wrong (now why is it wrong ?, if u have got some brain and if u really care about ur society n family, u will get the answer). ppl, humans society is based on rules and regulations, if u don’t follow them we would be uncivilized ppl and f***ing around without any regret.
    if a girl likes to be nude and likes to dance around in public saying “i am proud of my body, god given body etc etc.” i think she is crazy because every human has body, so why the hell she is so proud of it proud of ur achievments or prizes not of god given things because god is within us.
    and about the peace n shit well..boy william can u please elaborate how nudity and peace are related ??
    even seen a dog n bitch, they are also nude (so called proud of their body) and u also see how a puppy fu**s his siblings when they are grown up (its freedom aint it?) don’t blame COMPLETELY a rapist if he rapes a nudist girl, because its a girl who is also a accomplice by provoking him (though i hate rapist more than a murderer)

    Proud like a god
    -Bluemoon (A virgin guy)

  9. bluemoon Says:

    u want freedom for nudity..tomorrow u will want ban on porn to be
    removed, then MPAA ratings for movie shud be removed right??? and then one day ur 9-10 years old daughter comes home pregnant..then u will cry for her and ur fucking god ..or perhaps u will say..its god given !

    all nudists are hypocrite, if u love ur body..don’t make it public property !

  10. Anonymous Says:

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