Jeremy Lott on Lowry’s Call to Nuke Mecca

from the that’ll-show-’em dept.

In case you missed it last week, Jeremy Lott, writing for The American Prospect Online, had a few choice words for Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review Online, for suggesting that nuking Mecca in retaliation for a hypothetical future terrorist attack might not be such a bad idea. The National Review Online, you’ll recall, is the same bastion of insightful analysis that previously gave us Ann Coulter’s “invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity” screed. Sheesh.

49 Responses to “Jeremy Lott on Lowry’s Call to Nuke Mecca”

  1. Dennis Corbitt Says:

    Mr Lowry and Ms Coulter have got my vote any day.

    Mr Lowry is only partly right, we should destroy the rag head threat right now, not after another attack! You liberal scum make me want to vomit!
    Jeremy Lott, you are a pussy. I’ll bet you’re best buddies with all those hollyweirdo, fag loving perverts too! Come on up here to Montana (God’s Country) and try to spew your swill and, believe me, you wont last long!

  2. Mohammed Islam Says:

    In the name of God the most gracious, the most mercyful. All praise be to God, the cherisher and sustainer of the worlds. Most gracious, most mercyful; Master of the day of Judgement. Thee alone do we worship, thee alone to we turn to for help. Guide us on the straight path, the path of those upon whom you bestowed your grace, not the path of those that went astray.

    Mecca, the city of the first house of worship. Established by the prophet Adam, who pleaded for Godís mercy; rebuilt by the prophet Abraham, as a mercy to mankind. Is it our lot to see the doors of mercy closed, and the Final conflict begin?

    On a daily basis we see our brothers and sisters being slaughted. When will this cycle of violence end?

    There are few events with the force to unite the Muslims of the world, using a neclear bomb to irradiate the valley of Mecca would be one such event.

    The system that perpetuates this violence must change; and the price will be paid in blood. Be wary of your foolishness Dennis Corbitt, for indead you may yet receive your wish yet.

    May God have mercy on us.

  3. Stuart Asher Says:

    My barother was killed in the WTC on September 11, 2001. He jumped to his death, rather than butn from the 101st floor (Cantor Fitzgerald). I don’t care about the rhetoric, politics or the rationalization that this is a “new kind of war”. Chirac was here immediately following, hoping we would go to war and rally the world to follow. We wimped out (or Bush did, albeit not as bad as Clinton). They found a middle gorund .. kiss Muslim ass while trying to separate the insepearable .. radical from moderate Arab street, while leaving the Madras schools intact. It’s too late .. kill them now, nke mecca or whatever you have to do, or Western civilization whill be relegated to the slag heap of history. There is no way to avoid this. The 12 year old Palestinian’s throwing rocks in 10 years will be caryying nukes on boats from Cuba. Try and stop that wave of hate ! Now or never, nuke Mecca or some other violent device, it’s all the same .. Now is the time to kill them all. We have more right to do this than we had to challenge Japan’s economic pre-eminence in the Pacifica prior to December 7, 1941. Think about it.. or say goodbye to your grandchildren’s right to be free.
    Stuart Asher
    In memory of Michael E. Asher – June 7, 1948 – Sept. 11, 2001

  4. American Woman Says:

    Heh Mohammed – to answer your question “When will the cycle of violence end?” When the Muslim radicals become educated to the 21ST century and stop attacking US! Right now the Muslim mindset is at least 600 years behind us. Look at the damn Koran schools where the kids chant all day and rock back and forth in a tortuous position.

    This all started with the death of JFK. Oswald was bought and paid for by Arabs. OK, so there’s no proof but what about Bobby Kennedy who was murdered by an Egyptian who had ties to Zarqawi? Now they are finding Arab ties to the Oklahoma city bombing. It will never end until all Muslims are killed or whipped into submission and then edcuated.

    P.S. Mohammed – take your religious babbling to Mecca and wait for the bombs to drop! God is calling you. It’s time for you to go – along with the others.

  5. Nick Says:

    We need a final solution to the Muslim problem.

  6. Honest Man Says:

    I agree that we should Nuke Mecca Now. 1) In the first place, the Muslim world basically accepts the extremists’ screed that the U.S. is the great Satan, that it so o.k. to kill “infidels” (everyone not Muslim) and that America is soft. The suicide bombers and Islamic martyrs and much like the Japanese kamikaze pilots of World War II. Like Japan then, the Muslim world believes in “honor” in such a way that it is noble to deliberatly kill yourself if you kill the enemy as well. They said they would never surrender. Well, we dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan and they surrendered unconditionally immediately after the second. Our science and technology thus forced them into the modern age. We need to employ the same technology against the Muslim world. If we nuke them, they will…uh…”See the light”.
    2)Point two is that some of my friends say that we are no better than the terrorists when we use force against the Muslim world. But I say, well, we are not any worse. They are trying to kill us, so let’s kill them. If we nuke them, we will lose a lot fewer of our soldiers, and the whole thing will be over quickly. What’s the big deal?
    3)If the extremists had nuclear weapons, you know they would use them on us. The Muslim world claims it is outraged by the West and therefore it is to be expected that terrorism will occur. Well, hey, I am human too. I am outraged by the Muslim extremists. Therefore, it is understandable that I want to nuke Mecca. Surely, you don’t believe that they are entitled to human feelings such as anger, outrage and hatred but they we are not?
    4) They want a Holy War? Let’s give them a Holy Hell. Nuke ’em I say. Nuke Mecca. Nuke Mecca Now.

  7. Todd from L.A. Says:

    Honest man, you are right on.

  8. Rasputin Says:

    Islam is not a religion ,it is a legitimation of violence from violent people.
    IF Allah exists moslems have nothing to fear ,,we’ll send our ICBMs over to hit mecca&medina&allah will make them go poof&disappear.Because we are the great satans.
    Every time moslems attack non believer in their filthy way of life ,,it demonstrates how lacking in faith they are since if allah really existed he would not need filthy scum to do his fighting for him.

  9. Justice Seeker Says:

    I love these muslim animals with their FOOLISH rethoric about God the merciful, blah, blah, blah. Today these animals murdered dozens or maybe hundreds of children. As sad as it is I’m glad they are pushing Russia into a corner. Yes, we must nuke them NOW, and start to intern animals such as the one above with all his idiotic statements. Mohamed was a false prophet who spread his dirt bag religion with the use of violence, this is the main reason why he had his men take on additional wives. Anyone wanting to know more about these animals only needs to dig into African history and how they also murdered and enslaved thousands of black Africans. Arabs are and have always been subhuman scum, they will never change. Let us burn them to a crisp and then worry about what the world thinks. After Japan few people questioned us because fear ruled. As far as me getting killed by God for wishing death on mere backward animals whose main claim to fame is that they introduced writing thousands of years ago, I have to say: Any God that backs low life scum like the Muslims (and I do mean every one of them) is not a God fit for my belief. If God supports subhumans such as them, then God is the devil. Let us prepare the concentration camps in the Americas and Europe NOW. Every male Muslim must be interned and castrated. Subsequently go thorugh a deep brain washing, used for free labor, and when their carcass can no longer sustain a good days work, put to death. Oh before I forget, when they are buried in common holes fit for animals we must perfom the same ceremony that US General Pershing performed on the Muslim terrorists he killed in the Philipines years ago. That is, kill a pig and spread its blood on their carcass. It was effective for him because there was no more Muslim terrorism for 50 years.

    May the true God help us wipe out the filthy Muslim scum from the face of the earth. They produce nothing, create nothing and they are worth nothing.

  10. muslim hater Says:

    the only thing that muslims have ever brought forth is violence their entire history is filled with nothing but. it has come down to a simple fact” this is a battle between good and evil this may sound cruel but we cannot afford to let one muslim remain free. none of them can be trusted and that includes the one’s who are american born.the reason being is that their loyalty is to islam first” america last.we must kill all of them or god save us…….

  11. Islam Is a CULT not a religion Says:

    Islam is a cult which demands obedience from Muslims. Cults are based on superstitions and in Islam they call them the five pillars, one of which is pilgrimage to Mecca. Every Muslim is supposed to make a pilgrimage at one time in their life. Mecca is supposed to be a holy city created by Allah. Allah is the exclusive war god of the Muslims. Better known as Satan, Shaytan, etc.
    The 9/11 terrorists chanted “Allahu Akbar” as they were crashing the hijacked airliners into the twin towers, the monsters in Beslan chanted the same thing as they massacred and raped the children of Beslan. In other words, this whole “Allah” and “Mecca” trip is part of the Muslim brainwashing game, superstition built on superstition and etc. So if one of the main tenets of their
    “faith” namely Mecca, is eradicated, the other superstitions would lose power and they would begin to stop believing in “Allah” and the various other brainwashing. But first they need a strong demonstration that “Allah” is not G-D,, but Satan, that Mecca is not a city created by G-D, but created by man
    (and very weak and perverse men at that) and Mecca should be so thoroughly irradiated that it is impossible to rebuild. In other words, destroy the superstition, take down the cult.

  12. enough is enough Says:

    Sometimes when I watch the news I wonder if I am the only one who feels such hatred and venom toward islam. Why is it we allow so many good weapons (nukes)to go unused while millions rejoice “in the name of Allah” at the senseless beheadings of people who are only working to improve their health and welfare? Most saudi’s still refuse to believe that the 9/11 hijackers were arabs. They believe it had to be a jewish zionist plot to destroy islam. Well now I wish there were one!! After several visits to the middle east I used to have at least a tolerance for their religion and their way of life. I can’t say that anymore. The world would be better off without them. I’m sorry it took such a horrific act in Russia for them to start to come around to our way of thinking. The problem is not going to just go away. Between the Russians, British, Chinese (they’re threatened also) and us we have enough power to destroy them and allow us to live freely…and save a few to drop on France…those thankless little bastards!

  13. Blut und Eisen Says:

    We do need a final solution to this muslim problem. This untermensch filth must be EXTERMINATED with EXTREME PREJUDICE. The world must be cleansed of islamic filth NOW.

  14. Mel Says:

    YEAH. when are we going to wake up, Muslim banks are opening freely in Britain,, Go on get your mortgage and help kill ,USA, Brit, rush kids etc,as for France, i hate them so much i married one?? We all stand by and watch, while the Muslims can get away with murder,, you cant even own a gun in Britain, so how can we ever fight back deport the fuckers all of them ,to belstan in Russia,open your fucking banks their, i am sure the Islamic bank will help pay for a new school,and we could have free Koran lessons,then country’s like France wont have to make laws, to stop the wearing of head scarfs in school every one will were them ,my hart goes out to the rushing people,now they know where the real enemies are, Europe will soon be the biggest enemy to all freedom, its against the law to say in pubic you hate Muslims, but its OK for them bastards to kill westerners, solders kids, and eney other Infidels, i shit on your Allah, i wish i had my finger on the nuke button, fucking bang end of story ,long live freedom ,USA we need you now ,don’t give up ,just because Chirack is a yellow fucker, not all frogs are, things would be so different if it was a AIR France liner, went down on Paris,wot about the mosques, they are all places of hatred, five million of the fuckers are hear in France, so when the Americans come hear on holiday ,bring an iron fist with you, to fuck thees bastards, Don’t forget get you mo gage at a low low cost, Islamic bank of UK now thats criminal and an insult

  15. LONDONa Says:

    hey haters, your all just a bunch of low life scum. you think blowing up and killing muslims will get rid of islam, you fools, i laugh at you, in arab way, mu ha ha ha haaaa. i cant wait to see your children and your siblings converting to islam. over a hundred thousand a year of born-n-bred americans are converting every year, by the sword? you dumbasses. go on nuke mecca, arabs, hell go nuke all the muslims all over the world, kill them. end of the day, it is due to the muslims that you have this edge over the east in terms of tech kno how. it was due to the muslims that the western renaissance started, you lot were all in the dark (ages) when all the muslims were in the light, we should you the maths, physics, chemistry, so that you can get your thumbs and fingers out of your asses and onto a key board. you lot were still debating (12 century) whether or not women had souls!!!! you apes! when did you abolish slavery?? when did women get the equal rights as men??? when were black people counted as humans?? in the 1900’s??? how many century’s behind the muslims, were you??? read the koran. no u wont get intoxicated, brain washed. read what it has to say. look for the scientific miracles in it, wait i forgot , most of you on the forum are looooooosers. yoouu pigs. before you nuke mecca, get your stuff and get the fuck out the middle east!! we’ll see how you f’ing survive. i have faith in god, and if i die however i die, i can accept it, so launch the bombs, hell through those fatty americans onto us, we are waiting!!!!!!!!……….

  16. Muslim Slayer Says:

    Nuke Mecca Now Nuke all of the major islamic citys and poison the water they drink.
    then murder every living sub-human muslim(pig)
    that survives the Nukes.

    but we need to keep the oil radioactive free for us to use

    Israelis, Russians and the rest of Europe join America UNITE !

    Against the Muslim Pigs and
    exterminate them from the face of the earth !

  17. Marshall Applewhite Says:

    Let’s nuke Mecca…Let’s nuke Jerusalem..then Vatican…it’s FAIR..
    Middle East religions of Jewish, Christian, Islam are SOURCES OF HATE
    Abolish these hatred religions of Ugly Semitic Cultures(Jews+Arabs)
    Story Armageddon, end of time with HELL…clearly schidts BIG LIES
    There is NO GOD….You’d never prove it…
    These hatred religions would never LOVE GREEAN EARTH AND PEACE
    They are arguing then creating genocide, ETERNAL HATE, and NUKE WAR
    Terminate these hatred religions ….danger for Earth Future.

  18. Jim Paul Buddha Says:

    Buddha bless you….Buddha bless you…Mr. Marshall Applewhite
    Confucius preach you……
    Idiot West must learn from ‘GREAT TALENTED CHINA CULTURES’ in next decade.

  19. God-Lies-Schidzt Says:

    Again…Again….Where is your God : Mahomet, Christ, and King David
    Prove that your God exist ??? Lies and lies……….
    You’re arguing TOO MUCH……you’re forgot that you have only ONE EARTH….HEY….Stupid names of RELIGIONS….SCHIDZT OF GREAT LIES..
    Moshe…Christ…Mahomet……THE GREAT SHZIDST MESSIAH….
    See what will happen in next 2020…..CHINA WILL TAKE OVER AS WINNER

  20. Pretorian-Gladiator Says:

    I have mad idea for all who use Semitic and Arabic names : they must kill each other as RELIGION GLADIATORS at Colleseum
    Joseph vs Jusouf ; Moshe vs Moussa ; David vs Dawood ; Noah vs Nuh ; Abraham vs Ibrahim ; till final round :

  21. LONDONa Says:

    you pricks, let me prove to you that god exists. look around you. do you see and feel and smeel and taste, and feel things around you? or is it just imaginary? its is real, physical, material. this world around us came form somthing, or was made by someone. compare this with a watch found in the dessert. if you found it there, you would immediatly assume, that somone must have dropped it or left, or inorder for somone to leave it, they must have travelled this way. now look at the watch, its little gears, and hands and face, and the springs that provide momentum and all this make it possible for it to accurately give time. surely there must have been a maker of this watch, and designer. now look at the earth around you and the animals on it, surely there must have been a creator for all of this. it is far more complicatd then a watch. but why do we not acknowledge a greater soure, being, creator, when we look around the world around us? it is futile to suggest other wise, surely it is now up to you athiest to proove that god doesnt exist!!! all the world around us prooves that it does! you proove it other wise. allah says, was it you that created your own selves, well somthing along the line of that, so did you??

  22. Pretorian-Gladiator Says:

    Again…and Again….Prove that your Fucking God…EXIST…NOW..!!!
    Was it allah behind you..Was it Jesus behind you…Was it Yahveh behind you……Prove it……You’re ABSOULTELY BEHIND YOUR EVILS !!!
    The only our limited talks……….is OUR MORTAL….YOUR MORTAL..

  23. LONDONa Says:

    proove that god doesnt exist, you stupid prick! the very fact that your able to write on this website is a proof that a god did create you!

  24. LONDONa Says:

    yet again you ask the stupid question, does god exist?.
    i have already told you that he does, and my proof is the earth and all the wildlife in it. where is your proof that HE doesnt!!!!! one can tell that you lot on this site can’t have a decent conversation, without resorting to swearng. and chinese budha man, Pretorian-Gladiator, we e-speak-eh an-inglish!!! prick, learn to talk before you start mouthing off! budha was a man, who left his family so he could have a wank in the forest, on the way there, he mistook those things you find in the forest, ummm……….. ummmmm…….. TREES??!?!, and humped them, till all the sense he had in his head (as you can tell he didnt have much – leaving his wife an kid) got replaced by the excrutiating pain of having his nob covered in splinters! well obviously, he couldnt take them all out, so he had to go back home to his wife and kid. on the way to them, he had to think of a story to tell them, he couldn’t just say i had a wank, cause my chinese wife’s a ugly horse, so he made up the four things of being nice to everyone and all this shit about being at one with nature and energy. if you really think following a man, and worshipping him is better than worshipping the lord, creator and sustainer of the universe than like god says; you are decieving no one but your ownselves’, and: ‘ they’re hearts have been hardened and there eyes and ears covered, so they wander around being death blind, and lost’……. (somthing alongs the line of that)

    someone has yet to proove that god doesnt exist! one peice of evidence would make me a beliver, i mean unbeliever, or an athiest budha worshippin monk who would love humping trees!

    and someone please explain to me why all these white christian americans livin in the bible-belt, are converting to islam? i mean whats up with that? how can they convert to somthing that is being attacked left right and centre, surely they must have heard that islam, is somthing to be feared and kept well away off. or maybe these are the only ones who have a heart and whose eyes and ears are open, and see the religion for what it is, and see all the false diety’s for what they are. tune in next time kids, where i will list all the contardictions in the bible itself, and proove to you that as a follower of christ you should not worship him, or pray to him, but should worship the FATHER, the creator! and also i will use the bible to counter everythng that you can throw at me. all who dare (espcially chrsitian’s that would like to nuke mecca and kill/ convert all the muslims), should tune in, at the end of the day, you’d be like, “omg convert these muslims to what, we don’t have a religion of our own”, lol.

  25. Pretorian-Gladiator Says:

    Yeahh…perhaps you were right LondonA….

    This is my little joke for you LondonA :

    GOD = SOMETHING = +1
    EVIL = NOTHING = -1

  26. LONDONa Says:

    listen pretorian Glad, i dont understand your little joke thing, no disrespect, but the whole ‘arabic point’ thing if you could explain that to me then then your joke might make better sense. anyway i’m sure you got the whole equation wrong. instead of GOD, it should have said GOOD, then the whole opposite thing with evil would make sense. and no wonder your sums aint adding up, how can evil equal nothing but then equal -1. ….??? anyway i’m sure it was a funny a joke.

    secondly, yeh a world without nukes, would be better, and ofcourse a world without fruitcakes (like hitler, kkk, and Al-Qaida) would be bliss, and surely no one can say a world without a few less religions wouldnt make an all round safer place that we live in. but you know i just can’t help but think…. if we all believed in one thing and one way, that life would flow much smoother.

    like take for example traffic lights. why do we need them? surely we’re all good drivers, we dont speed, we dont have car crashes, or run people over. but why is it that even bein decent humans that our government has decided to introduce these traffic measures? its cause we wouldnt be able to decide when to go and when to stop, with out having a huge pile-up at a little junction/inter section. same way, we need religion, that will teach us moral’s and manners. when to stop and when to go. surely the creator, and sustainer, of the universe is the right BEING to inform us of our rights. surely he knows us better than we know ourselves? like look at Mr Hitachi for example, he makes tv’s. he knows the how his tv works best, and under what conditions. hell, he even supplies the tv with a manual. so that we know what the purpose of the tv is, and how to make it work and what it needs to work.

    now, think of us humans, as being tv’s, surely our maker knows whats best for us and how we can get the best outa our lives. thats why he sent down a manual, for us to read and understand our own selves. now time to time, we tend to lose the manual, or sometimes we just make our own ones up, or just edit the manual to our own liking (N.B schroles of abraham/ ten commandments/bible, Torah/Talmud). after a while the manufacturer decides, hey i’ma gonna give you lot a manual that’s gonna be an upgrade to everything that you had before, and this ones gonna be fool proof, as well as being tamper proof, and scurity proof, so you dumb humans can hold onto it forever. that manual, is called the Quran. sent down 1400 years ago, to a man that couldnt read or write, that has had every letter preserved and been in original condition since its revelation. it contains scientific facts that can only be marveled at; the development of the featus inside the womb; the barrier in the sea seperating fresh wate and salty water, the orbit of the sun (yes the suns orbit); the orbit of the celestial bodies, the list just goes on.

    i have to get back to my uni lectures. but take alook at the articles on this page:


  27. Pretorian-Gladiator Says:

    Nothing wrong of that equation, God = Something for us but not Nothing for you
    LondonA…next equation:
    HATE = NOTHING = -1
    What’s really meant of “UNSEEN HARMONY” ?

  28. Pretorian-Gladiator Says:

    OK LondonA….This is also our homework ( me too ) :

    Yeahh….10,000 years we’ve defined what’s name of : GODs or GOD

    Maybe It’s funny or strange universe….that we’re now “laughing” to ourselves that we’re ready TO CREATE SELF-ANNIHILATION ON EARTH rather than TO SELF-CREATION FOR NEXT 10,000 YRS out there of dreamin galaxies

    My question is : Is GOD something or nothing ? At least I know that Life and Humans are MOST SOMETHING VERY INTERESTING especially what’s name of …………….LOVE…..LOVE…….LOVE…..

  29. LONDONa Says:

    listen, pretorian-glad, these equations you give me are just too hard, maybe my maths isn’t upto scratch, but come on, surely your confusing GOOD with god, and in anycase you can put anything into that equation of yours;

    jesus = somthing = 1
    holy spirit = somthing = 1
    god the father = somthing = 1
    => 1???
    no THREE!!!

    i just dont understand these sums. you understand them, u must be a christian, right???…??

    anyway the thing with the earth, ask yourself this right, if the whole universe came outa nothing, then using your equation:
    nothing = 0
    nothing = 0 ….. then how do we get somthing at the end of it, who do we get earth?

  30. LONDONa Says:

    can you eplain to me what arabic point means as i am not an arab

  31. Rolden Says:

    I say this to the Arab Islamic extermists, you’re nothing but dogs who deserve death. I would fancy working with some of the crew from the prison in Baghdad, to work a crew to video tape me fucking anally and orally their young women while we exterminate the Arab pieces of shit.

  32. anti islam Says:

    the white man is superior, these rag heads need to be taught a lesson. keep pushing the lion, rag head and see what happens dont mess with us we could crush you with one hand be warned you are awakening a giant, petty soon we will awake and deystoy, the white man takes a lot of shit, but push him to far at your own peril
    BE WARNED we will deystroy
    Hail CESARe

  33. IN THE WINGS Says:

    I’ve just seen the video of the cold blooded murder of Ken Bigley from the UK. along with some of the other ‘choice’ home movies that these supposed human beings had made. I’m a family man. Not very religious, quite tolerant, certainly not hampered by racial prejudice, like to consider myself loving, peaceful and hard working. But I’ve just seen the video and I feel all this changing.
    WHAT THE FUCK ARE THE GOVERNMENTS AROUND THE WORLD DOING TO ELIMINATE THIS VILE SCUM?? We are seeing atrocity after atrocity. My wife cried over the recent school incident in Russia, I had to take my 8 year old daughter outside to play to avoid the evening news. Tell me… WHO THE FUCK IS THIS PATHETIC ALLAH COCKSUCKER – Does he tell these fucking stinking arab pigs (no sorry thats insulting to pigs) to carry out these attrocities, or is it the brain washing performed by these fucking imams such as the likes of this fucking ABU HAMZA – the greatest fucking hypocryitical GOBSHITE who quite happily comes to the UK to get housing benefit and dole money and still be allowed to breed racial hatred on the streets of north london??? Erm hello…. Am I the only one thats asking where the fuck are the marksmen with the sniper rifles to take down these fucking lowlifes?
    So what is the definition of ‘the infidel’ A person who doesnt believe in islam?? SO FUCKING WHAT! WE’VE ALL GOT A MIND OF OUR OWN!! Its all to do with freedom of speech and personal choice. You think your fucking clever don’t you – infiltrating our countries, getting jobs and acting all respectable but with many hidden agendas, like strapping bombs to yourself and blowing children up. All in the name of ALLAH! Well let me tell you something. ALLAH DOES NOT EXIST. Let me say that again ALLAH DOES NOT EXIST!!!
    And yet you believe he created heaven and earth and mankind. BOLLOCKS!! Absolute FUCKING BOLLOCKS. Ever heard of the FUCKING DINOSAURS???? Suppose he created them aswell did he, Oh no…. but then he had to scrap that idea because their heads were too big to get a fucking turban round. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE FUCKING COFFEE – YOU’VE BEEN HAD! Now STOP FUCKING around infront of camera lenses and BRING IT ON IF YOU WANT A FUCKING FIGHT!!!! You seem to forget, Many millions died fighting tyranny and oppression in two major world wars AND WE WILL DO THE SAME AGAIN to preserve our freedom. So you carry on calling all muslims the world over to fight your holy war – but beware – THIS WORM ALONG WITH MANY OTHERS I MEET ON A DAILY BASIS ARE TURNING – and I Invite ANYONE NONE MUSLIM (LIKE ME) TO MURDER ANY MUSLIM THAT MAY LIVE DOWN THEIR STREET, QUEUE UP AT THE MOSQUE ROUND THE CORNER, RUN THE LOCAL TAKEAWAY – WITH EACH ATROCITY, ON A LIKE FOR LIKE BASIS! Until they get the picture….. WE WILL ALWAYS BE FREE MINDED!!

  34. LONDONa Says:

    pigs, white trash

  35. JJ Says:

    Well said – but maybe a bit too strong. But I do understand your response was based on emotion.

    Apparently now these radical muslims are threatening to behead people (even their own citizens) because the may have family in the USA/UK, not for a political or religious reason, but because the can demand money to secure a release. Now, correct me if I’m wrong LONDONa, but does ALLAH approve of kidnapping and threatening to murder people for financial gain, or is it how you interprit the words of your prophet?

    Now I’m getting confused. Can I presume that with a name like LONDONa, that you are indeed a resident of the UK, because if you are then that makes you a hypocrite as on one hand you accept and ENJOY the life of a civilised western culture and yet, according to you, your brothers ‘around the world’ are suffering at the hands of the western culture.

    I know many muslims, and work with a number of them. They have good jobs, nice cars, lovely families, and yet they still answer their calls to prayer, they still participate in ramadan, so in other words, they are practicing muslims, living in a western culture but don’t show any signs of suffering at all.

    Religion is, and should always be a personal matter. If you gain comfort from your beliefs then thats great. However, it should NOT be the aim of any religious section to convert the world over to their god. If muslims the world over would recognize this fact there would be no feeling the need to kill anyone who is not of their faith.

  36. An American Says:

    I have always believed that we need an 8th Wonder of The world – “The Arabian Glass Desert”……the pigs & sheep that pass for muslims are not of the family of Man – they are animals to be conquered (with a Crusade!!!) & slaughtered. Their so-called prophet was a very simple man, suffering from syphillitic delusions that made him seem intelligent and “holy” as opposed to the other honest laborers of the period.

    It is unfortunate that these sub-human cloven-hoof “humans” scratch out their silly – and quite laughable – lives over our oil. I’m sure Bush will tire of listening to these sand-niggers & use our neutron capabilities to wipe out the human vermin (muslims – runts of mohammed) – to make it easier for our cowboys to drill & pump the oil back to the ol’ good US of A….

    Is there anyone who doesn’t believe this is a war? Only the John Kerry liberals believe the ragheads are ok – the rest of the intelligentsia know otherwise…

    To paraphrase a typical Muslim fool: “This is the mother of all wars”……….and I, for one, have got ALL my guns loaded & cocked. I’d love to plant some sand niggers in my 3 acres….

    Vis-a-vis handguns: Fuck Sarah Brady – take her as your first prisoner……..

  37. Don't convert them, KILL THEM !! Says:

    Please don’t call Arabs and Muslims pigs and shit bags.
    You are insulting pigs and bags filled with shit.

    Simply nuke EVERY major Muslim city with the dirtiest bombs possible so that any that are left after the fireballs die a slow death of radiation poisoning.

    Maybe tours could be arranged for those of us who want to do a bit of target practice to get ourselves a head or two for the trophy wall. Any in other places should be considered fair game, but you must kill it when you’ve finished doing whatever you want with it. The mosques could be used as public urinals, like Arafat’s grave is going to become.

    PS. ALL religion sucks. Some just suck more than others.

  38. Blut und Eisen Says:

    If you untermensch muzzie pig-fuckers want decent treatment, then come out of the seventh century. Until then, we reserve the right to wipe you filthy cocksucking asses off the face of this planet.
    First thing we need to do is ship every motherfucking muzzie pig outta this country. Hear that moo-fuckin-hammed?

  39. LONDONa Says:

    fuck face’s. when jesus returns and snubs you for us muslims, we’re gonna be fucking laughing. he’l come down from heaven and kill all the pigs ( animals in this case) and then break all the crosses. and then with the false messiah/anti christ the one eyed jew that can perform majic on your side (jews and chirstian) and the real jesus son of mary on our side, we will take care of you all. the way you fucking deserv for woshrip your desire’s. read your bible. luke himself mentions that he wasnt there and that the bible was taken from the words/accoumt of people who had seen jesus. paul in his gospel goes; and it was paul who started preaching the trinity.
    u shit for brains, no wonder every academic calls you ”christians” Paulian’s – the followers of paul. read the gospel of barnebus – the blind desciple of jesus. you cant find it. oh i forgot if it was actually god’s word he would have protected it – but since it isnt and sicne it gets changed at whims of your leaders, you wont find it cause it was taken out. why? i’ll tell you. cause in it barnebus mentiosn the coming of another prophet, one called ahmed.
    ahhh. its nice to have faith. loooosers in this life and the next.

  40. Deferance to Arabs ? NEVER !! Says:

    Allah is looking out for you ? Then why the fuck did he cream your asses in Indonesia (The country that told us to fuck off after 9/11)
    The psychopathic prick muslims will say that the US is evil because we have a higher standard of living (Allah is doing that to us because we are infidels) meanwhile the dumbass muslims are floating into the ocean beacuse Allah wants them to be humble for the next life ?

    I believe in a god the creator…..the one who created mangos, the covelant bonds in carbon tetrachloride and the life making energy system of photosynthesis. If god wanted me to bow toward one of his creations, why the fuck would it be Mecca ? I’d rather bow to the other 98% of the world that is prettier than that shithole….like maybe Cabo San Lucas or Waikiki Beach ? The whole bowing toward Mecca shit reveals the truth about Islam. It’s just a sham religion created to show deference to the shit ass arabs.

    NUKE MECCA !!!!!

  41. 71 VIRGINS ?? Says:


    Before I blow myself up in the name of Allah, I think it;s only fair that I get some things clarified about exactly what I’m getting in return. I’ve been told that I’ll get 71 virgins.


    1. Are the 71 virgins spread out over eternity ? If not, eventually I’ll eventually be left with 71 soiled whores. That would be more hell than what I have on earth. I can get a different girl for 71 nights without blowing myself up. Just give me enough money and I’ll hang around a strip club for a couple months. If I have to spend an eternity with 71 whores that I’ve soiled, that seems a little harsh.

    2. If my sister blows herself up, will she be met with 71 guys ? Does she have to take them on all at once ? The most I’ve ever seen in a porno video was about 6 or seven guys on one girl. Maybe she would have to take them one right after another ? Rod Stewart tried that back in the -70’s and only got to around 15 guys.

    3. Can these 71 virgins perform “forbidden sex acts ?” (In other words, can I get a blow job. If not, what are the permitted acts ?

    4. If the 71 virgins are able to do whatever sex acts, can they do a threesome ? If so, does that count as 2 virgins ? How about if you just have 2 virgins having sex with each other as you watch ? Does that count as 1, 2…or none ? Technically, they have not been penetrated.

    5. What if I’m gay ? Will Allah give me 71 guys ? The same questions apply to threesomes and watching 2 of the virgins go at it while I watch.Do they count as 1, 2 or none ?

    I THINK IT’S ONLY FAIR THAT THESE QUESTIONS BE PRECISELY ANSWERED. If not, that would lead me to question if these 71 virgins even exist. Or can it be that you just want me to believe this so I blow myself up for your ass ??????????

    That would be pretty sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. JoeP Says:

    Pretty funny stuff. How stuupid can Americans be? Pretty darned. As a 20+ US military intelligence specialist, it’s so hilarious to see the ravings and rantings of completely dead-from-the-neck-up Americans, who still get their views from the methodone metronome and other right-wing, hate-everyone or else they’ll kill you websites.

  43. Havoc Says:

    I wonder who’s a greater Danger to our freedom here in Europe. The muslims or you narrow minded, gun-slinging, life-hating, facist NAZIS. Hopefully the liberals will one day outnumber you GOP-loving f******. You say the muslims are 600 years behind your culture. Well face it, you are at least 10000 years behind modern liberal western culture. Even the Romans had more respect for life and humanity than you neanderthalers.

  44. may god fuck the jews and the christians Says:

    motherfuckers jews …. motherfuckers christians ….. u cheap ass punk ass punks perverts!! ill nuke you … ill nuke the vatikan , ill nuke washington …. ill nuke london , ill nuke isreal….. fuck you sons of monkeys and pigs fuckin skum bags jews fucking skum bag christians sluts punks….

    i wish u miss with the muslims more and more and ohhhhhhhhhhh goody ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh almighty i swear by the one magninamouse one your house your countries your existence will be eradicated motherfuckers crackers wiggers thugs sons of monkeys and pigs punk ass

    i hope that the blacks will fuck you more and more you punk asses and take your women and fuck them day and night with crack you cheap honorless punk ass punk

  45. adder Says:

    To the morons in here that persist with the primitive biblical theory that god created us. BOLLOCKS, our parents created us. Read some fucking biology books idiots!

  46. CHonny Jetski Says:

    Fuck these sand worshipping towel heads. Lets turn the middle east into the US Petroleum Warehouse. Who you wit? Let us end this.

  47. CHonny Jetski Says:

    and fuck you JoeP.

  48. CHonny Jetski Says:

    fuck you too LONDONa.

  49. 71 Virgin Crap ? Says:

    I noticed some people replied after I posted my questions…but you just seemed to want to insult instead of ANSWERING THE FRIGGIN QUESTIONS…..

    You can insult me all you want if you can point out where I’m wrong or explain to me the answers I posted. If you can’t, then shut your piece of shit arab pussy-man mouths because your religion is apparently a complete FARCE !!!!!

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