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People stumble on lies.com pre-armed with their own expectations. Evidence of this is in the 'activity log' that Movable Type (the software that runs the weblog portion of lies.com) makes available. Here's a recent sample:

    2002.10.17 11:05:44  Search: query for 'all about lieing'
    2002.10.17 11:06:13  Search: query for 'lies are bad'
    2002.10.17 11:10:51  Search: query for 'facts about white lies'
    2002.10.17 15:19:42  Search: query for 'junk food'
    2002.10.17 17:49:42  Search: query for 'Touched by an Angel hoax'
    2002.10.17 20:59:07  Search: query for 'girls feet'
    2002.10.18 10:09:31  Search: query for 'bill and monica'

People expect to find that sort of thing at lies.com. This wiki offers a way to provide it. If there's a lie, or an aspect of lying, that you have an opinion on, make a page for it, state your views, or ask a question, then sit back and see what emerges. (See TextFormattingRules, Wiki:OneMinuteWiki, and Wiki:GoodStyle if you're confused about how to do that.)

Older discussion:

So, I'm thinking of removing slash completely, and running this site solely as a wiki. My reasons:

On the other hand:

One thing I would probably do, if I did switch to an all-wiki implementation, would be to seed the wiki with pages representing each of the posted stories from the slash version of the site. And I'd probably pull in all the pre-slash articles as wiki pages, too.

Anyway. If I do this, I'll probably be doing it within the next week (like, by mid-October, 2002). Stay tuned for further developments.


Okay; saner heads have talked me out of it. I'm now (Oct 9, 2002) working on getting the site running as a Movable Type-powered weblog. Looks like it shouldn't be too hard. Stay tuned for further developments. --JohnCallender

Whyever not? Wikis are great. -- Andrew

Well, I'm planning on keeping, and expanding upon, the wiki, including linking it prominently from the movable type site. My thinking is that the wiki will be a nice tool for creating a communally authored collection of pages covering the nature of truth and falsehood, reality versus our abstracted interpretations of it, and so on. While the weblog would be good for continuing to post interesting news items that bear upon that subject.

It's not really an either/or proposition. We can have both. --JohnCallender

Wikis seems to just cry out for abuse. One example would be me simply creating a random page dealing with MattsJulyFourthWeek ... for example.

But that's not a bug. It's a feature.

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