Alta Vista - The NFL linebacker of search engines: Big. Fast. Dumb.

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HotBot - Aren't those Wired folk clever? First fluorescent green type, now this.

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InfoSeek - Excellent computer-generated Web index. Fast, comprehensive, good relevance ranking.

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Lycos - Enough already with the excellent indexes!

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Open Text - This excellent site describes itself as "the fastest search engine on the Internet, and the only one to index every word of every page."

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WebCrawler - Yet another excellent index.

CNN Interactive - So, who needs TV?

Yahoo's weather page.

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DejaNews - Searchable Usenet archive. Way nifty.

Ohio State's Usenet FAQ archive - Check here before posting your silly question.

The awe-inspiring Internet movie database.

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Yahoo - Very nice human-generated Web directory. Good for finding big, relatively well-known sites.

Harold Sasaki's whois domain lookup.

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Harold Sasaki's finger form.


Ed Kubaitis' weblint gateway at UIUC catches your web-page boo-boos.


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The forms collected here are gateways to resources located elsewhere in the net. Within each section, fill in a field and select the associated link; your response will appear in a few seconds. For more options, or to learn more about a resource, go to the resource itself by selecting its name in the section title.

If you find the SearchPlex useful, you might want to copy it to your own hard drive for more convenient access. I've provided detailed instructions on copying the SearchPlex to a local file for users of the Windows version of Netscape.


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