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Observations of object "M29":

M29 (Open Cluster, in Cygnus)
Observer: Michael Amato (e-mail:
Instrument: 127-mm other   Location: West Haven, Connecticut, United States
Light pollution: severe   Transparency: fair   Seeing: fair
Time: Thu Aug 31 01:15:00 2017 UT   Obs. no.: 2025

This evening, my brother Anthony & I viewed a few objects with my 127mm MAK. The highlight of the evening was our observation of the open cluster M29. We were able to see many stars in the cluster. We also viewed the galaxy M31 but all we could see was the core of the galaxy. We also viewed Saturn & with its rings wide open, it was a great sight. Saturn also had a close pairing with the moon.

M29 (Open Cluster, in Cygnus)
Observer: Joe Caggiano (e-mail:, web:
Instrument: 70-mm binoculars   Location: Glenside, Pa, USA
Light pollution: moderate   Transparency: good   Seeing: good
Time: Wed Sep 13 02:00:00 2006 UT   Obs. no.: 1563

Cygnus was directly overhead while viewing. It was a cool night in the upper 40's and the atmosphere was still. I took in the vast star fields of the Milky Way that run right through Cygnus. Viewed stars through the binos probably down to 9th magnitude. A Beuatiful sight!

M29 (Open Cluster, in Cygnus)
Observer: Francisco Violat Bordonau (e-mail:
Instrument: 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector   Location: Cceres, Cceres (Spain)
Light pollution: none   Transparency: good   Seeing: good
Time: Mon Nov 14 22:05:12 2005 UT   Obs. no.: 1404

With a CCD and a filter V Johnson I can capture all this variable stars.

M29 (Open Cluster, in Cygnus)
Observer: Akarsh Simha (e-mail:
Instrument: 8-inch equatorial reflector   Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Light pollution: light   Transparency: good   Seeing: good
Time: Sat Mar 19 22:00:00 2005 UT   Obs. no.: 1331

A unappreciable cluster of about 6 bright stars. Stars are about 5.5 mag.

M29 (Open Cluster, in Cygnus)
Observer: Emil Neata (e-mail:, web:
Instrument: 114-mm Dobsonian reflector   Location: Craiova, Romania
Light pollution: light   Transparency: good   Seeing: good
Time: Wed Nov 10 03:00:00 2004 UT   Obs. no.: 1109

M 29 is a beautiful cluster in Cygnus, placed in a star rich area of the Milky Way. Using 36x I could see eight stars easily discernible from the background. In the finder scope it appears as a small diffuse patch.

M29 (Open Cluster, in Cygnus)
Observer: Joe Caggiano (e-mail:
Instrument: 6-inch equatorial reflector   Location: Horsham, Pa., USA
Light pollution: moderate   Transparency: excellent   Seeing: excellent
Time: Mon Oct 4 02:00:00 2004 UT   Obs. no.: 1064

Decided to use my Celestron 15x70 Skymaster Binos due to having company over and did not have the 6" reflector cooled down. M29 was conspicuous in Cygnus but I always am drawn to the populated star field rather than M29 itself. It was however readily available for easy gazing in the 70mm binos. I tried for M57 but missed it. It was right at the zenith point at the time of me going to bed. This morning at 0600 EST when I awoke, Venus and M42 were out but I did not have a chance before getting ready for work. Perhaps tomorrow.

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